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Own it from the inside out

​Own it from the inside out Sometimes we know we’re great, sometimes we don’t believe it. How to truly integrate what makes you special in your work? 1) Make a list of accomplishments within your business. Include anything that comes to mind such as a client’s growth, an invitation to present or any way that […]

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Flipping failure to fabulously fine!

RECOVERING FROM A MARKETING FAILURE Sometimes a blog just writes itself. I had a day last week that was a massive failure. And it felt horrible. Super, duper, outstandingly, over-the-top terrible with a dash of shame and despair. Or something worse, whatever word might describe that. As I was reeling from the setback, this blog […]

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Do you know your worth?

There is a lot of confusion in marketing about worth and value, especially for solopreneurs whose service is themselves, or whose products are created by them. Since pricing is a function of marketing, let’s take a look at this. Do you know your worth? How about your value? Although necessary to know for your product […]

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Marketing can be done quickly?!

Reduce, reuse & recycle  We can take a tip from the sustainability movement here and make our own schedules more sustainable. As I shared last time, creating content can be made a little easier. Here we look at creating it more quickly. Reduce: the amount of topics you cover in the marketing you create. We […]

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Looking for Inspiration in Purpose

Yep, I do mean “in” purpose not “on” purpose. Here in week #2 of my journey, I explore finding my purpose as a way to live an inspired life. It’s not an original idea. Last week, one of the big questions I couldn’t answer on an inspired-living quiz was “Are you aware of your core […]

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