​​Helping small business owners step into your authentic ​voice & style ​in your marketing. Being YOU gets the best results.


Helping small business owners ​​step into your authentic voice & style in your marketing. Being YOU ​gets the best results.


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It's possible to do marketing YOUR way

Marketing doesn't have to be the way the gurus tell you to do it. It doesn't have to feel icky or forced. Instead, it can feel easy, natural, and in alignment with your authentic self. Graceful and joyful even. When this happens, the gap between being yourself and who you think you need to be closes. Leaving you on a foundation of "I know what to do." All that marketing advice out there is isn't personalized to your specific business—it's usually others telling you how they did it and if you just follow their system...you've heard that before, am I right? Or the advice is meant for much larger companies which is totally different than the typical ​small business. This is why marketing can feel confusing.

What's a girl to do?   

​Sabrina B. 

​​This is amazing! I can't believe how much you covered in just one session. I'm seriously blown away. I am so happy with everything you've shared so far and can really see what I need to do and how to do it in my own way. So appreciate this!!!

It's time to find your authentic voice & path

​When you do the work to ​find your authentic self, you can then find the marketing path that works for you.

You can't use someone else's system and expect it to work if it's about copying what they do. That doesn't let you be the real you, which is why so often these generic programs cost a lot but garner little in results.

Nor can you cobble together this ​marketing how to and that one from 1000's of google search results when you look up "how do I...?" ​Then you are just scatter shooting with no strategy.​ My approach uses proven ​​methods for you ​finding on the "aha, that's really me!" path​ and creating a strategic approach to visibility that fits you.

I know because I've been there. I spent ​18 years trying to be something that I wasn’t. I thought that to be successful in “putting myself out there” I couldn’t be fully me. I was miserable and truth be told, even though I was experiencing some success, I never moved to thriving. I was always “surviving.” Not until I started bringing my full self to my work, to my visibility efforts, and building a business that reflected all of me, did I start to have success. 

I learned that who you are is part of your marketing strength. I learned that your best chance at doing effective marketing comes from being your genuine self. I learned that you can navigate the marketing waters of hype and insincerity by directing your own raft, instead of of trying to ride on someone else’s.

And​ now that’s what I do for people all day long: help them find their authentic voice and path in their marketing.

​​​​​My approach will support you in ​finding your authenticity within your business. Not only in the outer—leaving you feeling like a fraud on the inside—nor on only the inner—pushing off your success until you’re ​finally confident. ​ ​​​​​​​I'll help ​you be YOU and experience ​success on YOUR terms.

Are you ready to find your authentic path?

Consider this an invitation. It's time for you to step into your own approach, your own voice, your own path.

If you are serious about finding your authentic voice and growing your business, let's have a conversation about just how. Don't wait one day longer to grow into who you are meant to be. Your gifts and talents are meant to serve others, so consider taking your first step now. I take very few one-on-one clients each year, so apply here (it's quick) if you think we might be a fit.

Marketing doesn’t have to feel sleazy or forced. It can be graceful and joyful. It can feel easy, natural, and alignment with your highest self.


​Irene S.

​Working with you literally changed my life. Everything is different now, I mean everything. Whatever ​it cost, it was a total ​deal. ​I got a lot more than I thought I was getting—branding and marketing, plus ​​dealing with this issue that's been with me my whole life. I wouldn't be here where I am if it wasn't for our work together. Thank you, thank you!