Top 5 tools to automate your marketing during the holidays (so you can enjoy yourself!)

Here it is, the holiday tool guide to lighten your marketing load and free you up for the season’s festivities. Enjoy!


This little marketplace can help you get almost anything done for $5. This is a great resource for getting logotypes, photo retouching, copywriting, SEO assessments, FB input, virtual assistant work, or hundreds of others tasks. I’m not saying this is the highest of quality or that you shouldn’t look to the professionals for your important campaigns & marketing efforts—I have a whole suite of higher end vendors I use—but it’s perfect for the “good enough” or the down & dirty quicky tasks that cost more if you do them yourself.


If you do social media (and not all small businesses should!) then you should use this scheduling tool or something similar. This way you can write and post in blocks of time weekly or monthly, rather than daily which can suck you in and waste time. It also lets you schedule across multiple platforms, and allows others to help you manage your posts and campaigns.


Having an online scheduling system can save lots of time in going back and forth via email. Integrate it with your calendar, be vigilant about blocking out times you’re not available, and viola!—people will make appointments with you without using any of your time. If this doesn’t appeal to you, then consider getting a virtual assistant to manage your appointments instead.


This site is easy to use and let’s you design landing pages in minutes. I use a web developer for much of my website but this tool let’s me play with campaigns or create sign up pages quickly and at any time I want—yes, even midnight—without waiting for my developer to have time.


Hey, I can’t make it all virtual! I’m all about connection and this is a real person who automates my time beautifully. An editor can proof your work, reword what’s not working, create a blog system for you, or find other ways to streamline your writing. She’s quick and affordable which makes her perfect for small businesses—call her or find someone similar.

If it saves you an hour of your time, do it.
A gift of time to yourself is a great gift.

Now join that party down the hall and be festive! (or take a nap)

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