Own it from the inside out

Own it from the inside out

Sometimes we know we’re great, sometimes we don’t believe it. How to truly integrate what makes you special in your work?

1) Make a list of accomplishments within your business. Include anything that comes to mind such as a client’s growth, an invitation to present or any way that someone recognizes you. Add to it anything that’s worked lately, like landing a new client or following up on a connection and being well received. Or implementing a new system or activity in your business that is making your life easier. Be ruthless in your hunt for accomplishments, rather than your own worst enemy with critical views.

2) Add to the list weekly.
Look for two or three things you’ve done right and are proud of this week. Have a ten minute period set aside on your calendar for this with an alarm that reminds you to do it.

3) Review the list daily.
Every day? Yep. But only for awhile. After a few months of reading through your list every day, you won’t need to anymore. Why? You’ll have build new neural pathways that assure you that you do more right than not.

Now that’s owning it from the inside out!

This exercise is so powerful in getting to a new place in owning your accomplishments. I hope you'll try it and let me know how it goes. All my best, Linda

linda basso is a marketing coach with a spiritual attitude. She supports purpose driven entrepreneurs in increasing their contribution and revenue, while having fun in their marketing­. You can visit her website here: lindabasso.com or join her FB conversation.

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