Where’s your marketing going right or wrong?

Where are you going right or wrong with your marketing?

In the online world, it’s easier to see. What about in the real world? Let’s compare the two:

In the online world, if what you’re doing is not getting a response or causing a reaction of any kind, then it’s likely that the creative—messaging or graphics—aren’t working well. They aren't engaging enough.

If you’re getting good engagement—meaning people are reacting, sharing or commenting—but they are not taking next steps, say like clicking through to the offer, then it’s probably not aimed at the correct audience.

If people are taking next steps but not converting to a sale, then it’s the offer delivery—that landing page, video, or consult call—that’s at fault.

This translates to in person businesses as well. Whether you are an art gallery owner, stylist, massage therapist, coach, or consultant—here’s the translation.

  1. If your marketing efforts aren’t getting any response, your creative needs an upgrade. People should be telling you that they like your stuff.

    If people aren’t taking your business card and saying “oh, I like your card” that’s a possible indication. Or if they read through your website or get your newsletter and don’t tell you next time they see you that liked the information you’re sharing, you probably need a content upgrade.

    If they visit your shop and don’t say how much they like it, or if no one is wondering in, you likely need to get some better styling or design going in your space, or more engaging signage/window displays.

    People should be commenting on your messages and the overall design of your pieces, or space.

Takeaway #1: your marketing stuff should be getting a response, even if no one is yet buying.

  1. If people do find your marketing materials engaging, but they aren’t taking the next step toward a sale, then you are likely not sharing your materials with the correct people. Get it?

    People in general say they like your style, your message or what you are doing. But they aren’t taking you up on it. Not even to discuss it with you or ask any serious questions. They say vague things like “how great you’re doing this” rather than “omg, I totally need that.”

    It’s because they don’t see themselves having a use for it. Either because they really don’t need it or because your messaging isn’t aimed at them directly enough for them to get it.

    If you have a product for parents and you are in a room full of older business women, there are probably only a few mothers in the room—and they are in business mode, not mommy mode. If you took the same marketing efforts into a room full of parents, teachers, or daycare people and you’d likely get a different reaction.

    You do of course, have to make it clear what taking the next step looks like. Either ask them to have a consult call with you to discuss if it’s a fit or if you are a brick-n-mortar business, engage them in a conversation about what they are looking at.

Takeaway #2: Take your marketing to where your ideal clients are and take the next step in engagement.

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  2. If people are saying “omg, I love that and I think I may need it” but aren’t buying it, then either you aren’t offering the next step clearly, ie. you waited for them to ask you if they could buy it, so they drifted away.

    Only about 10% of people are ready to buy right now. If you can get them engaged, another 20-30% of people will buy it.

    But if you don’t find that to be true, like you are engaging with people but still only a few buy, then your sales pitch needs some work. Usually it’s inner work by the way, not outer shining up, that needs to be done.

    Most of us are uncomfortable when we first start selling and this results in low amounts of people who are interested converting to buyers.

Takeaway #3: get engaged with potential buyers and upgrade your sales skills.

Where do you see yourself in this list? Are you willing to make the upgrades or changes necessary to get your marketing working?

Of course, it can be uncomfortable making changes or upgrading our efforts but the outcome—having a business we truly want is to worth the effort!

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