Monthly Archives: February 2019

Why softly launching creates more success

[ Note: I use the word “launch” in this article meaning introducing a new service, product, or organization. But it can also apply to starting a business or getting clients in general. ] We’ve all heard of overnight successes on the internet where someone launches a new service or widget and makes a ton of money. […]

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You market, they respond. Right?!!? (part 2)

Sigh, yes it’s happened to us all. Hours or money are poured into a marketing piece for our new service or widget. We send it off…and there’s no response. Like none. Or so little that we don’t even want to count it. You can read article one on this here and now we’re at part two. […]

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Am I happy I wrote the book?!?

What happens after you write your book? You get busier!! Gone are my long open days of writing (ha, and I thought those were a challenge when they were happening!) and in are the constant outward facing moments of promoting the book and working with clients. People constantly ask if I’m so happy that the […]

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