Why 95% of marketing info doesn’t support you

Type in marketing on ­Google and you get nine billion, one hundred twenty million search results. Yes, you read correctly—billions. Change the search to "how to market" and it goes down to only five billion, two hundred ninety million pieces of information.

There’s simply a ton of marketing information out there.

If you look for authentic marketing, you find a lot less information. Only four hundred thirty-three million entries—which is roughly five percent of the total marketing information out there. 

In other words, 95% of the marketing information online focuses on marketing itself and not on being YOU while you do it.

Jump into the information on authenticity and you get another head scratcher. Most of it is for big companies. In these articles, authentic marketing is a “strategy” for getting potential “consumers” to “engage” with the companies and become their brand “ambassadors”.

That’s not really a conversation about authenticity, is it?

Almost no one covers being your authentic self within your business. With an estimated 400 million entrepreneurs in the world, I find this concerning.

Here we all are, marketing our businesses with no guidance on creating alignment with our real selves while we do it. Only a lot of overwhelm and wondering if we have to do something we’d really rather not. Or act like someone else to find success.

I would say this is why marketing has a bad reputation. We don’t like doing hyped up, in your face, pushy marketing. We’re tired of being told to do things that aren’t a fit. We wish there was a different way.

A way to do marketing that feels good. 

I’ve built my whole business around this desire for marketing to feel good. I mean marketing is a totally necessary part of business, right? Stands to reason that our efforts here impact how much we enjoy our overall business experience.

I believe that it’s our right to seek “authentic to who we are and feels like it really fits” kinds of marketing.

The only question is whether you’ll exercise that right or not.

If you want sincere, straight forward articles on being YOU in your marketing, I invite you to click here and read a few.

There are articles on being authentic in your marketing, including how to do it, how to stand in your power, and even on how to have more fun while doing it.  

I hope having access to this authentic marketing information helps you head in a direction that fits you. That brings you joy and ease in your marketing journey. That brings to life the unique gifts that only you can share with the world.

Your greatest success will come when you're fully YOU in your business.

Linda believes that small business owners can step into a better version of their business when they embrace authenticity and become more fully themselves. Her 25-year marketing career has included Kimpton Hotels, Jamba Juice, and Disney helping her clients win awards and placements in publications like The Wall Street Journal and TIME Magazine, as well as on the front cover of WIRED magazine. You can visit her website here: lindabasso.com or join her FB conversation.

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