Monthly Archives: January 2020

Authentic Marketing Trait #3: Being Original

Being original is a desirable quality in the western world. In contrast to our eastern neighbors who value a collective mindset that puts the needs of the group above that of the individual, here we strive for independence and the right to be our unique selves.But in a world of mass commerce, trends, and fashions […]

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Authentic Marketing Trait #2: Honesty

If you hate marketing hype, you’ll love today’s topic: honesty in marketing. On some level, it feels crazy to even discuss this. Why do we need to discuss whether we should be telling the truth in business dealings?!?Of course, part of this discussion boils down to the less than stellar traits we humans can exhibit […]

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Authentic Marketing Trait #1: TRANSPARENCY

Consumers today are not interested in the pretty, scripted versions of your company. They want to know who’s really running it, how things are done, and how money is spent, even profit margins. They want to be sure they trust and respect your company before doing business with you. It’s a little bit like an […]

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