Human Design: Your Secret to Build Your Brand

Human Design isn't just a tool—it's a transformational journey that lets you build your brand by aligning it with the essence of who you truly are.

Honestly, it's kind of like having secret weapon in the branding battle, that cuts through the noise and helps you to build a brand that fits as well as your favorite yoga pants.

Because your brand should not only fit, it should feel comfy as heck.

Here's how embracing your Human Design can make the process of building your brand more powerful, enjoyable and even feel easy:

1. Accepting the Real You
Forget about keeping up with the Joneses—or in this case, every trending brand strategy on your feed. Human Design invites you to kick back and be yourself. Like, really yourself.

For instance, if you're a Generator, you’ve got a magnetic quality that pulls in all the right stuff—opportunities, people, you name it. Embrace this in your brand-building strategy by sharing the things you love.

Then you're not just another face in the crowd. You’re the face. The authentic vibe you give off not only sets your brand apart but also draws in clients who gel with the real you. They don't just buy what you're selling—they're buying into the real you.

2. Understanding Your Unique Strengths
Why struggle to be a jack-of-all-trades when you can be the master of your own? Human Design shines a spotlight on your personal superpowers—those 2-4 strengths that you should totally own.

Building your brand around these powers means you’re playing to win. It’s about working smarter, not harder. When you work in a way that’s so uniquely you, it can't help but attract attention and trust which acts like a super-powered magnet.  

Building your brand in this way keeps you from doing pushy, in-your-face marketing. Because for most Human Design types, success comes from playing it cool and waiting for the right opportunities. Which means you need to build a brand that brings ‘em your way.

3. Reducing Decision Fatigue
Let's face it, building your brand can be exhausting. You’re swamped with decisions that need to be made yesterday. Enter Human Design, your personal decision-making assistant, slicing through dilemmas like a hot knife through butter.

This system cuts down on the mental clutter by offering clear, personalized guidelines on how to make choices that align with your energy type. Less hemming and hawing equals more doing and thriving.

This not only keeps you from burning out but also keeps your brand fresh, dynamic, and spot-on. It’s like having a secret weapon that ensures every move you make not only good, but gold-standard.

This approach lets you conserve your energy for the big plays, giving you the steam you need to keep your brand in the spotlight where it belongs.

4. Connecting Authentically
Human Design isn't just about figuring yourself out—it’s about how you vibe with the world through your brand. By sticking true to your nature, you’re not just building your brand, you’re casting a story that’s as real as it gets and attracting the audience meant for you.

Projectors, for instance, excel when they wait for recognition or an invitation, leading to more genuine and fruitful collaborations. Your marketing messages and brand stories become more than just promotions—they are invitations to engage in a shared journey, resonating deeply with those who are meant to connect with you.

In essence, Human Design is way more than your garden-variety business advice—it’s a blueprint for building your brand authentically.

When you live your design, you’re not just slapping together a brand, you’re curating a reflection of your truest self.

Whether you’re jazzing up your next campaign or plotting your brand’s next big move, Human Design is your go-to for choice that doesn’t just work—it works wonders.

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Linda is a brand marketing strategist who supports purpose driven entrepreneurs to create small business growth by creating alignment in their business through Human Design and other authentic marketing approaches. Her 20+ year marketing career has included working with Kimpton Hotels, Jamba Juice, and Disney helping her clients win awards and placements in publications like The Wall Street Journal and TIME Magazine, as well as on the front cover of WIRED magazine. She now works with coaches, healers, influencers, rebels & other service based small business owners offering a done for you small business marketing package or brand & marketing coaching.You can visit her at lindabasso.com or join her FB conversation.