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You're seconds away from the ​training, advice, and support you need to grow your business with ​visibility that ​is authentic​​ and ​genuinely you

If this sounds familiar

  • ​You ​want to ​get the word out about your services but you ​​don't want to seem pushy or ​do things that don't fit you ​because you think that's just how marketing is done.
  • ​You​ keep wishing that ​a marketing fairy would appear to ​tell you exactly what would work for your business—or better yet, just ​make it feel easy and natural ​for you to find the perfect clients​ instead ​of ​feeling fake or like an imposter.
  • ​You're holding yourself back somewhere in your business because you ​don't like typical marketing approaches or the "I'm not sure how" feelings come up.

Then you know how ​hard it ​can be to find a way to market authentically—a way that ​​feels good to do and gets the results you need for your business to grow


​The existing options just won't get you there. You've probably already tried them:
  • ​​Hyped up marketing programs by 7 figure business gurus who promise you ​​the exact same results if you just ​do it ​in the exact same way they did...and it doesn't work because it denies what's authentic about you.
  • ​Thousands of search results for how to’s and tutorials on what to do in your marketing that don’t consider your unique situation​...and left you feeling confused, overwhelmed and even more unsure.
  • ​​​High priced consultants and courses that don’t end up working because they don’t address your ​hesitancy ​to implement ​anything that's ​doesn't feel like a fit​​ or they didn't have tools to address your doubts.

Now let ​it all go...


that you feel totally authentic in your marketing approach. Confident. Clear. Happy to show up each day to serve more clients and be seen for the gifts and talents that make you uniquely YOU.

The thing that allows you to get this? Finding your authentic voice & path.

I do it differently than other coaches. Instead of endless teaching only HOW to do a bunch of marketing stuff that you aren't sure about, I help you identify WHO you are in your business and WHAT you should be focusing on in your marketing. I give you permission to do marketing your way, in your voice.  I call this the AUTHENTIC MARKETER'S PATH.

​Why does it work? 

​You can’t see your own brilliance but I can. I can help you see how you are designed to market. I can hear what of your offerings is actually ​wanted by your ideal customers. I can help you ​stand in your own power—and message it effectively so you can draw in the right clients.

Because you standing in your power ​of BEING YOU is the very best marketing you can ever do. You can’t see it because it’s as natural as breathing to you, and you certainly don’t know how to talk about it because it’s your nature. Let me help you express it. 

​yes, you can ​​find your authentic path​!

​You always make me think about things a new way. Best of all you give me permission to think beyond what I know and then lead me to do marketing a better way, which I love. I so appreciate that!  ​
- Pat S.

​​Working with Linda has been a transformative experience and a total joy. ​With her guidance ​I'm able to have ​perspective I've never experienced before, I’m actually able to see the field/forest instead of only the weeds. ​
- ​Jeff S.

Find your ​unique path when you join the Authentic Marketer Wisdom Academy

​​The wisdom academy is ​affordable marketing coaching ​that addresses and solves the root of icky, overly hyped marketing and how you can do it differently.

​​​It includes my ​​AUTHENTIC MARKETER​ PATH: ​​a marketing approach for uncommon entrepreneurs.

It’s packed with practical training, coaching, and resources on all aspects of marketing and getting visible authentically.

PLUS it has the community support you need to activate you to your full potential.

The AUTHENTIC Marketer WISDOM Academy will help you:

Change your relationship with marketing from one of ​uncertainty or doubt to ​love so you can ​enjoy spreading the word, share your gifts, and deepen your impact.

​​Make marketing a profound act of service that you love, which makes the world a better place—not fills it with hype—​and helps you call in the perfect type of client.

Learn practical techniques and marketing approaches that are as unique as you are so they fit your business, your lifestyle, and your values AND feel great to do.


​Your own "anytime" mastermind ​forum to ​ask any marketing question you have on any day.  It's like having your own marketing consultant on speed dial! Get real time feedback on actual marketing projects you’re doing. Pop in with that nagging question "how do I...?" or give me the url to a web page you're updating or a pdf of that flyer, and I'll give you input on what to keep and what to change. There's no limit to how many questions you can ask, and you can do it every day!

Monthly coaching calls on zoom that you can join by phone or ​computer. ​You can join the call live ​and get coaching from me on whatever you're working on. Or submit your question before the call to ​and I'll answer it even though you're not there. A recording is provided with the questions named and time stamped so you can go right to the info you want to get. ​Every first Thursday of the month at 9am PT and 3rd Tuesday at 12pm PT. 

Weekly training videos, exercises, and audio meditations available to watch a​t your convenience ​with how to's in marketing, guest experts on topics that can grow your business, and teachings that will help you ​be more authentic​ and at ease in your marketing decisions. 

How THE Wisdom Academy is different

Access to expertise

​Rely on my 20+ year experience of running my own ​business, ​where I've served hundreds of clients ​in ​doing the branding, marketing, & messaging that bring in exactly the clients they are looking for, in ways they totally love.

Practice what I preach

I'm not a distant 7 figure guru leading from afar. I'm in the group every day to answer your questions and share what I'm learning to be authentic in my marketing and have a successful purpose driven business. 

No hype or just do it

​You'll never hear me recommend hype, marketing tricks, fads, or ​​shiny objects. Just straight-forward, tried and true practical advice with a side of spiritual tools. No BS, no gimmicks, and no 'get rich quick scams.

​Business + ​authenticity

​My approach is to bring our whole selves to our business, not just our intellect. I teach practical ways to bring in your ​whole self to your business and use it ​create a better experience and outcomes for you​, your clients and your community. 

​Community support

​Making strong connections and having a network ​is ​needed for a thriving business but sometimes we have trouble ​joining in with the right community. ​This is a safe, trustworthy group ​with no spam or hype, just a lotta love and support!

​Share in mastery

​I​ study with the best in the small business marketing space: Marie Forleo, Amy Porterfield, Sandi Krakowski, Rachel Pederson, Kary Oberbrunner and ​more! ​If you want someone to make sense of all the info out there, I'm your gal. 


Truthfully, marketing is not a one size fits all type of thing. So this academy can't be correct for everyone. Let's figure that out before you join, ok? I want you to be delighted with your decision so ​please consider:

It's​ FOR YOU if:

  • ​You are a heart based business person who wants to grow your business in ways that feel authentic, honest and joyful and you're willing to take action ​for it.
  • ​Your business is going along fine and you're ready to add in a new service or product but keep putting it off, or getting distracted, or waiting for the perfect time.
  • ​You​ know that you're not at your best when going it alone and suspect that if you found the right community and support that your business could be so much easier. ​When you find the one, you're willing to contribute in order to belong. 
  • ​You know growing your business takes work and your willing to do it, you're just not always sure just "how" to do it.

It's ​not a fit if:

  • ​​You're hoping for an overnight fix, or that it will magically happen "to" you rather than you putting in some effort​ to really transform and grow yourself.
  • ​​You ​love shiny objects!! And just know that the next thing you find will be the one. This is part of your resistance—to keep searching. If you're not willing to do the work to let ​find your authenticity, this is not the group for you.
  • You are looking to jump into a new community and dig around to find new clients, spam others or talk ​incessantly about your product or service.
  • ​You get stuck in ​looking at what's not working and why it's not working for you. You're not willing to believe that it's up to you to grow yourself and your business. 

I'm not trying to talk you OUT of joining, I'm trying to talk the RIGHT people in. Building a community of like minded people to support each other in growth takes total transparency about what we want and don't on our journeys. Be honest, if this doesn't call to you—don't do it. But if it does...I'll see ya on the inside. Mwah!

Meet your guide

Hi, nice to meet you! I'm Linda Basso, an author, speaker and teacher who supports purpose driven entrepreneurs and small business owners to grow their business by growing themselves.

For 23 years ​I've been in the visual design and marketing industry, where I created brands and campaigns for companies like Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, Jamba Juice, Disney, Coldwell Banker, Xerox, and many small businesses. I received a Silver ADDY award for my brand work and have helped my clients win many awards, along with placements in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, TIME Magazine, and the front cover of WIRED magazine.

Now I help small business owners know what to do in their marketing so they can enjoy ​their sweet success—serving more clients, making a greater impact, and earning more money!

My degrees are in graphic arts and leadership and I'm a certified coach. My ​book The ​Reluctant Marketer: Spiritual Tools to ​Change Your Mind and Grow Your Business ​will ​was released in ​October 2018. ​

You can f​ind your ​authentic path in your marketing ​when you ​decide to

    Here's what you'll get:
  • ​​Ongoing mastermind group ​in FB to ​ask any marketing question you have on any day. Get real time feedback on actual marketing projects you’re doing. It's like having your own marketing consultant on speed dial!
  • check
    Monthly ​coaching call you can join the call live or submit your question ​before the call to get ​detailed coaching on your specific issue. A recording is provided with the questions named and time stamped so you can go right to the info you want to get. ​Coaching calls happen every ​first Thursday of the month at 9am PT.
  • Monthly ​​​growth call on this ​call we'll name ​where we want to go​, ​let go of what's not serving us, and call in new energy​ to move us forward. Calls happen every ​​third Tuesday of the month at ​12pm PT. 
  • Weekly trainings and visualizations available to watch a​t your convenience ​with how to's in marketing, teachings that will help you ​be more authentic, and exercises to help you ​move forward in your marketing with ease. 
  • ​Special pricing and discounts​ ​on classes, workshops, and coaching sessions that are offered outside the group. I'll always offer my members first dibs on anything new coming out that supports you in growing your business.​
  • ​PDF chapters of the book​ to read ​at your own pace from The ​​Reluctant Marketer: Spiritual Tools to Change Your Mind and Grow Your Business 
​monthly membership

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Annual membership

BEST VALUE: Only $75/month ​​AND ​an hour of1-1 coaching ​with Linda.





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