Bridge the gap between being your real self and being good at marketing

The Authentic Marketer Wisdom Academy helps solopreneurs, authors, coaches, and creatives like you get visible to the right clients without losing what makes you authentic, genuine and kind

Your work just flows

Being with your clients is easy. You drop in, understand what to do, and it all works. They get their dream home. They find that just right health approach. They gain confidence in themselves or their skills. Create transformation & better lives? Check.

You have solid skills and have been brave in setting up a business around them. But so far, it’s all just flowed. You’ve haven’t had to do a lot of traditional “marketing” yet. And now you do.

Maybe that new service or product has been tugging at you to come forth. Or you’ve hit a plateau and need a growth boost. Or your side hustle is ready to go full-time. Wherever you are, the bottom line your inkling that it’s time to do “real” marketing has got you questioning what's next.

The same skills that created your business can be your strength in marketing, you just need to learn how to transfer these skills from serving to selling.

You’ve done the hard part, now let's share it

Finding the business of your heart and getting clients in the door is actually the hard part. If you’ve done that, stop worrying and take a deep breath. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

The reason that you don’t know exactly what kind of marketing to do next is just a strategy question, not an indication that you don’t know what you’re doing.

It shouldn’t feel hard or confusing to choose your next steps in marketing. If it does, maybe you’re making it overly complicated or bringing some old baggage to the conversation.

That's why I created a friendly place to hang out with others, learn about marketing, and grow skills in a genuine way—The Authentic Marketer Wisdom Academy

I've been there, too

My first business consulting on branding and marketing with large companies just "happened" to me and I never had to market myself to keep it going.

Then five years ago I moved to a new area and started serving small business owners instead of big companies. Since then, I've spent thousands of dollars, hundreds of hours, and moved through countless courses to learn how solopreneur marketing is different from big company marketing. 

I've shed hundreds of pounds in limiting beliefs, old stories, imposter syndrome feelings, and sabotaging behaviors. And I learned something along the way.  

There is a path to find marketing that can feel good to you. You can even get excited to learn about it. Embracing this is when your business begins to be fulfilling on many levels. Because marketing, when done well, is a profound act of service.

I know that if you close the gap between where you are and where you want to be, you'll change the world. I think you may know that too.

Thankfully, there's a pathway to follow:

After hundreds of hours with clients, I've distilled down everything I've learned about solopreneur marketing to a simple pathway. One that takes care of the marketing details but also takes care of the person doing them. Because as a small business owner, you are your brand. And how you feel about marketing you and your brand is the difference between your efforts getting results, or not.

The Authentic Marketer Wisdom Academy moves you from "I’m not sure what my next step in marketing is" across the gap to "I got this" with three types of holding:


Get inspired and reframe how you look at marketing so you can move forward from desire, not obligation.


Move at your own pace through live and recorded teachings choosing exactly what you need to know.


Stop going it alone and get your questions answered by an actual person, not another video.

As a Wisdom Academy member, you'll have access to:


Two live coaching calls each month where we can deep dive into marketing topics, learn new skills and get live coaching. This is a time to get step-by-step mentoring for the greatest forward movement in your business.


An "anytime" mastermind forum to ask for real time feedback on your marketing efforts. It's like having your own marketing consultant on speed dial. Pop in with that nagging question "how do I...?" or give me the url or Google doc link, and I'll give you input on what to keep and what to change. There's no limit to how many questions you can ask, and you can do it every day!


There are training videos, exercizes, and audio meditations to use at your convenience with how to's in marketing, topics that can grow your business, and teachings that will help you be more authentic and at ease in your marketing decisions. More are added each month.


If you want an accountability partner or just feedback from the group, we are a supportive community to one another. Being in business for yourself can be hard but it doesn't have to feel lonely. 

Truly affordable marketing coaching

The wisdom academy is affordable marketing coaching that makes marketing feel genuine and easy, without all the stress.

It’s packed with practical training, coaching, and resources on all aspects of marketing and getting visible authentically.

PLUS...it has the community support you need to head toward your dreams and step into your full potential.

You always make me think about things a new way. Best of all you give me permission to think beyond what I know and then lead me to do marketing a better way, which I love. I so appreciate that!   Pat S.

Working with Linda has been a transformative experience and a total joy. With her guidance I'm able to have perspective I've never experienced before, I’m actually able to see the field/forest instead of only the weeds. – Jeff S.


Hi, I'm Linda Basso a marketing and business coach who supports small business owners to grow their business by growing themselves.

For 23 years I've been in the visual design and marketing industry, where I created brands and campaigns for companies like Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, Jamba Juice, Disney, Coldwell Banker, Xerox, and many small businesses. I received a Silver ADDY award for my brand work and have helped my clients win many awards, along with placements in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, TIME Magazine, and the front cover of WIRED magazine.

Now I help small business owners know what to do in their marketing so they can enjoy their sweet success—serving more clients, making a greater impact, and earning more money!

My degrees are in graphic arts and leadership and I'm a certified coach. My book The Authentic Marketer: Create the Mindset You Need to Grow Your 
Small Business and Love It will will be released in January 2020. 

Aw, shucks!! Access to the Academy is currently closed. Check back in April 2021 for the next round of registration.

monthly membership

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Annual membership

BEST VALUE: Only $47/month AND two hours 1-1 coaching calls with Linda.




If you ever feel like the membership academy isn't for you, cancel at any time


Access to expertise

Rely on my 20+ year experience of running my own business, where I've served hundreds of clients in doing the branding, marketing, & messaging that bring in the clients they are looking for, in ways they love.

Walk my talk

I'm not a distant 7 figure guru leading from afar. I'm in the group every day to answer your questions and share what I'm learning to be authentic in my marketing and have a successful purpose driven business. 

No hype or just do it

You'll never hear me recommend hype, marketing tricks, fads, or shiny objects. Just straight-forward, tried and true practical advice with a side of spiritual tools. No BS, no gimmicks, and no 'get rich quick scams.

Authentic business

My approach is to bring our whole selves to our business, not just our intellect. I teach practical ways to bring in your whole self to your business and use it create a better experience and outcomes for you, your clients and your community. 

Community support

Making strong connections and having a network is needed for a thriving business but sometimes we have trouble joining in with the right community. This is a safe, trustworthy group with no spam or hype, just a lotta love and support!

Share in mastery

I study with the best in the small business marketing space: Marie Forleo, Amy Porterfield, Sandi Krakowski, Rachel Pederson, Kary Oberbrunner and more! If you want someone to make sense of all the info out there, I'm your gal. 


Truthfully, marketing is not a one size fits all type of thing. So this academy can't be correct for everyone. Let's figure that out before you join, ok? I want you to be delighted with your decision so please consider:

It's FOR YOU if:

  • You are a heart based business person who wants to grow your business in ways that feel authentic, honest and joyful and you're willing to take action for it.
  • Your business is going along fine and you're ready to add in a new service or product but keep putting it off, or getting distracted, or waiting for the perfect time.
  • You know that you're not at your best when going it alone and suspect that if you found the right community and support that your business could be so much easier. When you find the one, you're willing to contribute in order to belong. 
  • You know growing your business takes work and your willing to do it, you're just not always sure just "how" to do it.

It's not a fit if:

  • You're hoping for an overnight fix, or that it will magically happen "to" you rather than you putting in some effort to really transform and grow yourself.
  • You love shiny objects!! And just know that the next thing you find will be the one. This is part of your resistance—to keep searching. If you're not willing to do the work to let find your authenticity, this is not the group for you.
  • You are looking to jump into a new community and dig around to find new clients, spam others or talk incessantly about your product or service.
  • You get stuck in looking at what's not working and why it's not working for you. You're not willing to believe that it's up to you to grow yourself and your business. 

I'm not trying to talk you OUT of joining, I'm trying to talk the RIGHT people in. Building a community of like minded people to support each other in growth takes total transparency about what we want and don't on our journeys. Be honest, if this doesn't call to you—don't do it. But if it does...I'll see ya on the inside. Mwah!

You can find your authentic marketer path but only if you take action

    Here's what you'll get:
  • Ongoing mastermind group in FB to ask any marketing question you have on any day. Get real time feedback on actual marketing projects you’re doing. It's like having your own marketing consultant on speed dial!
  • Monthly coaching calls you can join the call live or submit your question before the call to get detailed coaching on your specific issue. A recording is provided with the questions named and time stamped so you can go right to the info you want to get. Coaching calls happen every first Wednesday of the month at 9am PT and every third Tuesday of the month at 12pm PT.
  • Monthly trainings and visualizations available to watch at your convenience with how to's in marketing, teachings that will help you be more authentic, and exercises to help you move forward in your marketing with ease. 
  • Special pricing and discounts on classes, workshops, and coaching sessions that are offered outside the group. I'll always offer my members first dibs on anything new coming out that supports you in growing your business.
  • PDF chapters of the book to read at your own pace from The Authentic Marketer: Develop the Mindset You Need to Grow Your Business and Love It 

If you do 1-1 coaching with me for all of this you pay $1000/month but you can join the Authentic Marketers Academy for as little as $47/month!

Aw, shucks!! Access to the Academy is currently closed. Check back in April 2021 for the next round of registration.

monthly membership

Recurring payment - cancel anytime in just 2 clicks of your mouse

Annual membership

BEST VALUE: Only $47/month AND two hours 1-1 coaching calls with Linda.




If you ever feel like the membership academy isn't for you, cancel at any time

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