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A Business Growth Accelerator for Real Girls Who Want a Personalized Strategy & Plan to 3x Their Income in 3 months (without giving up anything fun at home!)

You want to be moving towards that next step in a strategic way, with a plan, but tend to get caught up in the day-to-day process and have a hard time doing the steps that are necessary to move to the next level

Any of these sound familiar?

  • You want to increase your reach but you’re doing it all yourself and you don't know what business growth really is going to be best for you or how to keep it in line with your lifestyle 
  • You know you have something more to offer and are doing a disservice to yourself and the world by keeping it inside of you...but you can be all over the board as far as what direction to take
  • Feel like you don't have enough time or a plan for your time when you do have it, and often end up wasting time trying to figure out how to do things, figuring out where to go, how this works, and watching a million YouTube tutorials
  • You want to move forward but feel like you can't see the path, let your own stories get in your way, or think that you need just a bit more hand holding
  • You really, really want to take that next BIG step in your business...but you get tripped up feeling really overwhelmed by all the HOW, the moving pieces, or end up getting caught up in the details and not really seeing a path

Take a breath and let it all go.

The solution comes from using a different kind of approach

In this coaching accelerator, you’ll master the basics of the Authentic Growth System and the three steps you need to harness the power of self-acceptance and start getting exactly what you want from your business & your life. Stop sitting on the sidelines wondering if you’re good enough to make the contribution you want to at work and home. It’s time to embrace who you are and do it your way.

Tired of hearing there’s ONE right way to grow your business only to then find out it involves doing stuff you would never do?

You know you want to grow your business but you aren't exactly sure just what that looks like. So you hit Google, YouTube and ask friends. One thing leads to another and there you end-up, in that three day class asking yourself what you  are trying to achieve, what your goals are, and then like, actually calendaring it out. On the outside it looks like, wow, this is exactly what I need. You're even thinking, okay, this is doable. But once you get to it, it's like, oh, so now I need to design these graphics for these social media posts, and write the copy. And, you know, make the emails and all of these pieces...these take you away from actually developing your stuff. So you have the steps to get there, but nowhere to go.

Or worse, you sign-up for that program that promises to get you more clients, 1-2-3, only to dive in and see that the "system" they are proposing could never, ever work for you. Because you can't do the things...like spending an hour or more per day having to constantly post, create captions, find 30 hashtags, create ongoing stories and reels. Or that you have to stalk potential clients on FB, starting "relationships" so you can make them friends on your page and write long winded client success posts in hopes that they hire you. Or do a weekly live webinar after running thousands of dollars in FB ads.

You don’t have time to do it and honestly you're not too interested in doing  it either.

Not scratching my head anymore.


My main struggle for the last few months has been my business model, which was always like running after people trying to work with them. And that is so, so much the opposite of what you told me to do. Before I've just been like scratching my head, wondering what to do and just feeling very, very stuck. I’ve wanted to let that go which you gave me the inner permission to do. And then just the other day, a woman that I just met recently, asked me to create custom outfits for her. It was like normal and I felt so excited. I mean, that's like one tiny, little opportunity, but it just felt like I was in the right place to now receive it. 

Step more deeply into being yourself so you can increase your reach, earn more than you ever have before...and grow the business & life you’ve always wanted

Align is an 12 week Business Growth Coaching Accelerator designed to get you doing the steps necessary to move to the next level. You know like all those things that have to be put into place... like knowing where to start, having that plan for growth, and for figuring out where to find the time to and the energy to be chiseling away at how you move your business into that next BIG place.

In only 12 weeks, you'll:  

• Create your 7-figure life plan so that you are growing a business that perfectly supports the life you want to live

• Understand where you want to invest your time and where don't, so you stay connected to what you enjoy doing and what gives you joy

• Package your content into something that is "worthy" of charging more & gain ease in sharing about it

• Simplify your activities and efforts so you feel like you have enough time and can stick with your plan

• Gather the courage to be grow beyond your comfort zone

• Overcome mindset issues like overthinking, overwhelm, or doubt about what you want to do

• Know what to do when it’s you getting in the way & adult yourself so you can take those next steps in your business

• Change your business & life in ways that you give you more freedom, time and money

• Find a team to help you with your plan, because you're not really experienced at marketing or doing technical things

Nothing out there like it.


It's like there's nothing out there that I'm aware of that turns marketing on its head, which is really about how we come across and how we manage our lives first, and the marketing kind of takes a backseat to follow. It's a whole new approach from my perspective

This is a custom to you coaching program designed to move you into your next level of business, in a way that is authentic to you, in three steps...

Money Making Clarity Process – Get you to stop building a business that works for everyone else but you. You need to learn HOW to see what’s right for you. In this step, we dive into what makes you unique, how you make your best decisions, how to own the success you've had, and understand what growth strategies fit the real you. We'll create your 7-figure life plan to bring it all together.


Build on Your Strengths Pathway – Stop building your business based on your weaknesses instead of your unique strengths. Because businesses built on your weaknesses, get bad results. When choosing your path, it has to be something you want to do, that fits the real you...and your personal life. In this stage, we identify revenue opportunities, assess competition, map your goals, choose the correct strategy to build on your successes, and pick the first three tactics to get started with.


Got It Done Action Plan – Design an action plan that grows a business and life you love because you won’t grow a business you hate or that interferes with your personal life. Here's where the rubber meets the road and you overcome any mindset fcks, find your motivation, manage your schedule, design fun experiments to move you forward, take action, and learn to allow success. You'll overcome trust issues that stop you from bringing in support and setup simple systems to help you reach your destination.

Class Modules Released Every Week

6 recorded modules to watch at your convenience

Private Coaching Sessions

You'll have two private coaching sessions with Linda to customize your plan and overcome any blocks that are in your way

Weekly Live Coaching Calls

Weekly coaching sessions  from 12pm-1:00pm PT (3pm ET) that you can attend live to get your questions answered (or submit your question before & get a recorded answer)

Weekly Email Support

Get the ongoing support you need to implement the info you've learned, just shoot me an email and I'll provide custom guidance as you need it




30 Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

We so fully believe in this course that we back it with a 100% risk-free guarantee. If you don’t feel this program is right for you — show us your completed coursework for the first 3 weeks of class and you’ll get your money back.

30 Days


I'm more trusting now.


Wow, super impactful!! I'm finding myself being more relaxed in the trust and flow. And really not feeling the judgment or worried about "doing it right" or being “on track.” So it's been it's been really, really good.

Meet your guide

Hi, I'm Linda Basso. For over 18 years I created brands and campaigns for Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, Jamba Juice, Disney, and many small businesses. I won a silver ADDY award for my brand work and have helped clients land placements in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Time, and the front cover of Wired Magazine. Now I support entrepreneurs to grow their business, increase their revenue, and deepen their contribution by guiding them to find their authentic voice & path in their marketing and business. I'm author of the book The Authentic Marketer: The Real Girl’s Guide to Know Your Worth, Get More Clients & Grow a Business that Genuinely Fits Your Lifestyle. I live in Northern California with my husband and children, where we are surrounded by an awesome community. When I'm not working with amazing entrepreneurs, I'm off hiking, camping in our Airstream, or getting cozy with a good book.


feeling like an imposter...that you are maybe not enough as you are and that you have to be more like HER (someone more successful, more polished, or more whatever!!) to take that next BIG step in your biz

how hard it is to hear your real self when focusing on all the noise of experts, gurus, and magic formulas guaranteed to blah, blah, blah...that it's hard to know what you think, where you stand and what you want

what it’s like to wonder if you know enough, are good enough or have what it takes to make a significant impact with your work (while wondering how you are doing at home, too!!)

not knowing what path forward is really is going to be best for you, for your specific offering for your specific circumstance, especially if you have an unusual business

not having the courage to actually get started or feeling that taking that first step is really hard but while you’re waiting, others are zooming by doing what you want to do

It was only when I was finally able to own my genuine, real self and let her lead the way that things started to change