What​ step are you on?


It's important to fully own whatever it is that you are trying to market. You can't be half in/half out, dabbling with, or staying in the story that you "fell" into this. Step one is for you to step fully into your calling or this new product/service. Then you must give yourself permission to be powerful in order to share about it. Take steps to remove whatever stops you from feeling powerful in this new endeavor. Do you have old stories about things not working out? Or doubts that you are good enough to do this? Or fears of what success will mean? When you own your power fully, you can move onto the next step of marketing. If you don't, you'll take action but won't get the results you hope for.


Marketing is most effective when you identify your perfect clients & speak straight to their hearts. ​In this step you want to match up with the right people in a way that feels loving, not exclusionary. Think about it like this—there is a group of folks that is perfect for you to work with. They really get what you do, how you do it, and make progress when they work with you. But they can only find you if you are speaking the same language as them, yes, literally and figuratively! If your ideal client reads your copy and thinks "oh my gosh, she's in my head and knows exactly what I'm dealing with" they will hire you. If they read your messaging and don't ​feel that it fits them, they pass it by. The best way to ​create messaging like this is to bravely identify your perfect potential client and then do the research to get to know them so well that you can write ​especially for them. You'll know when you're getting it right because they'll begin to respond. 


​Putting ourselves out there in new ways can bring up a lot of stuff. That's because ​you are​ heading toward a new, more expanded place with this new biz effort and that usually means unloading any old habits, negativity, or wounds that don't match up with this ​newer bigger version of your business. ​Stuff coming up can range from doubts, fears, or uncertainty to feeling a sense of dread, avoiding taking action, or feeling anxious. Or old, unresolved situations may suddenly pop up and ​need your attention. Th​is step of putting ​your new marketing out there is asking you to grow into a bigger, better version of yourself. ​So ​walk into any awareness you need to catch this stuff and heal it. Use what's in your own self growth toolbox, gain new skills or get support for managing ​what may be holding you back from growth.


You've got mad skills with your clients and they get results from your work together. But if someone asked you what your process is, you might stammer a bit as you try to explain how you get them results. Or you might have a process you use but don't quite know how to package it in a way that others not only easily understand it, but want to buy it. On this step your job is to package up what you do in ways that create real desire on the side of your possible clients moving them from interested to sold. This is the step to do some skill building in branding, email list building, creating offers, and selling your stuff. This is where you can move from working hourly for clients to selling a suite of products or services that earn you decent money. Getting what your worth is all about the package you put it in.  


You've got your messaging down and the right packaging for your service, products, or new business but you are not getting seen by the people who can use them. In this step you must choose from among the many different ways there are to get visible and choose ways of being seen that feel good and are totally you. To find your unique approach to getting seen, you have to stop using other people's systems and tune into knowing yourself. Your personality, preferences and stage of life matter here more than how some 7 figure expert figured out how to do it. You must develop a strong, accurate style of decision making and use it to choose from all the marketing choices to do only the top 4-5 that actually get you results. Stop trying to do it all and take the time to assess what's worked for you in the past, what best practices are recommended and which feel like the right next step for you to try.  


​You have a lot of balls in the air, juggling this and that marketing effort, serving clients and ​keeping it all going. You often have to decide often how you will spend ​your limited time in the most efficient way but it all seems to be important. In this step, it's time ​to get some support for your marketing instead of trying to do it all, or scale back on how much marketing you are doing. Sometimes we are doing something because it's a habit or we just think we need to.​ ​You may need to create ​systems, learn to delegate, and add in multiple revenue streams​ so your business is sustainable for the long haul. This means carving out some time to set a strategy, hiring vendors or staff to take on some of your tasks, setting up some ​systems to bring in more ease, and generally moving into ​later stage business ​processes. It's time to take the load all off you and share the love! Then you are freed up to either scale your business up, or just enjoy that you have a business that can go for the long haul.