It’s not just marketing. It’s your purpose in action.

Get the coaching you need to increase your reach, grow your biz & make a bigger impact

  • Do you need clarity so that you can take the next step to market your small business...even if you don't know the next thing you're going to offer, aren't sure who you work well with, or don't know how to express the full picture of what you can do?

  • Want the confidence to do whatever it is you need to do to get visible and grow your business...even if you constantly swing from excited to overwhelmed, or you know it's you and your own stories getting in the way?

  • Need to find ways to make the leap and really scale your business...even if you don't know how to uplevel your business, charge more for what you do, or get more people in your programs?

Then this is the place is for you...

The coaching group that gets you over your mindset challenges, gives you clarity on your next steps, and provides the right support to increase your reach.

Because good marketing isn’t something you do out there, it’s something you bring out from within.

Join in to get all these goods and more...

  • SPEED DIAL CONSULTING:  Jump into the FB mastermind group and ask any marketing question you have, as you have them. No more getting stuck and waiting weeks to get information to get moving again. Here you can get real time feedback on actual marketing projects you’re doing, every day if need be. It's like having your own marketing consultant on speed dial! 
  • LIVE SUPPORT CALLS: Join the two monthly coaching calls via zoom to get detailed face-to-face coaching on your specific issue. Here you can get step-by-step mentoring for the greatest forward movement in your business. Can’t join the call live? No problem! A recording is provided with the questions named and time stamped so you can submit your issue ahead of time and listen to the answer later (calls happen1st Weds at 9am Pacific time and 3rd Tues at 12pm Pacific time) 
  • TRAINING MODULES:   There are training videos, exercises, and audio meditations to use at your convenience with how to's in marketing, topics that can grow your business, and teachings that will help you be more authentic and at ease in your marketing decisions. And more are added regularly!
  • COMMUNITY SUPPORT:   If you want an accountability partner or just feedback from the group, we are a supportive community to one another. Being in business for yourself can be hard but it doesn't have to feel lonely. Get insta-virtual colleagues that you can get advice from or lean on when you need it.
  • VIP PRICING: You’ll get special pricing on classes, workshops, and extra coaching sessions that are offered outside the group. For example, you can get up to six 1-1 coaching calls with me for the special price of only $150/ea (normally $250/ea!!) for those times you need extra support. And I'll always offer my coaching group first dibs and VIP pricing on anything new I produce to support you in growing your business.
  • FREE BOOK: Get pdf chapters of the book to read at your own pace from The Authentic Marketer: The Real Girl’s Guide to Know Your Worth, Get More Clients & Grow a Business that Genuinely Fits Your Lifestyle

Take action to grow your business instead of of only dreaming or thinking about it

I adore working with you in the academy...you are available when I need it, take special care to answer my questions, and keep offering suggestions until I get that first draft going. It's perfect for those who do well with community support or don't have the budget for a 1-1 consultant.     Janet C. 

I’m in the academy with you because I can show up as my authentic self and be heard. You have a wealth of marketing knowledge and you understand that one size does not fit all. It's valuable information about marketing and I am learning how to use that information in a way that feels right to me. – Stephanie M.

You always make me think about things a new way. Best of all you give me permission to think beyond what I know and then lead me to do marketing a better way, which I love. I so appreciate that!   Pat S.

Working with Linda has been a transformative experience and a total joy. With her guidance I have perspective I've never experienced before, I’m actually able to see the field/forest instead of only the weeds. – Jeff S.

For real girl entrepreneurs who want it all...

  • Let go of your in-the-way stories, fears, and mindset blocks...so you can drop feeling the overwhelm of how much there is to do and stop believing it's only you who can do it

  • Find out what marketing really is going to be best for you and your specific offering...with this approach, you'll soon answer the question "what am I willing to do as a business owner?" and finally decide where to invest your time and where not to

  • Allow yourself the time to actually sit down and come up with a plan to grow your business that's still in alignment with everything else that's going on in your life...without continuing to think about it, dwell on it, or only dream about it

  • Discover that taking that first step isn't really hard so you can have the courage to actually get started when you see the right steps and you know the processes...so it's exciting and you can love the journey!

Follow a different path...one that's authentic, let's you know which direction to take, and gives you the courage to be visible

After hundreds of hours with clients, I've distilled down everything I've learned about solopreneur marketing to a simple pathway. One that takes care of the marketing details but also takes care of the person doing them. Because as a small business owner, your business and your lifestyle have to work together. And it's your alignment with your business that makes your marketing work.


Hi, I'm Linda Basso a marketing and business coach who supports small business owners to grow their business by growing themselves.

For 23 years I've been in the visual design and marketing industry, where I created brands and campaigns for companies like Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, Jamba Juice, Disney, Coldwell Banker, Xerox, and many small businesses. I received a Silver ADDY award for my brand work and have helped my clients win many awards, along with placements in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, TIME Magazine, and the front cover of WIRED magazine.

Now I help small business owners know what to do in their marketing so they can enjoy their sweet success—serving more clients, making a greater impact, and earning more money!

My degrees are in graphic arts and leadership and I'm a certified coach. My book The Authentic Marketer: Create the Mindset You Need to Grow Your 
Small Business and Love It will will be released in January 2020. 

The right support to reach out for, with good information you can trust...even if what you do is a little unusual, you can't put it in a little box, or you don't have a one or two niche kind of business

The wisdom academy is affordable marketing coaching that gets you over your mindset challenges, gives you clarity on your next steps, and provides the right support to increase your reach.

It’s packed with practical training, coaching, and resources on all aspects of marketing, getting visible authentically, and to grow your business in ways that fit your lifestyle..

PLUS...it has the accountability you need to take consistent action forward.  

Find ways to make the leap and really scale your business when you join today

monthly COACHING membership

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Annual COACHING membership

BEST VALUE: Only $47/month AND two hours 1-1 coaching calls with Linda.

If you ever feel like the membership academy isn't for you, cancel at any time

If you do 1-1 coaching with me, you pay $1000/month but you can join the Authentic Marketer Real Girls Academy for as little as $47/month!


Real world experience

Rely on my 20+ year experience of running my own business. I've served hundreds of clients in doing the branding, marketing, & messaging that bring in their ideal clients, in ways they love.

Here with you

I'm not a distant 7 figure guru leading from afar. I'm in the group every day to answer your questions and share what I know about marketing and how to have a successful purpose driven business. 

No hype or just do it

I never recommend hype, marketing tricks, fads, or shiny objects. Just straight-forward, tried and true practical advice with a side of woo. No BS, no gimmicks, and no get rich quick scams.

Authentic business

My approach is to bring our wholes selves to our business, not just our minds. I teach practical ways to bring your authentic self to your business and use it create a better experience for you, your clients and your community. 

Community love

Making strong connections and having a network is needed for a thriving business but sometimes we have trouble finding the right community. This is a safe, trustworthy group with no spam or hype, just a lotta love and support!

Share in mastery

I study with the best in the small business marketing space: Marie Forleo, Amy Porterfield, Sandi Krakowski, Rachel Pederson, Kary Oberbrunner and more! If you want someone to make sense of all the info out there, I'm your gal. 


Join when you’re ready to stop being so hung up with trying to figure things out—and instead really dive into really figuring out what works in your marketing—and what doesn't  (so you make good money in an honest, uplifiting way and do more good in the world and in your own community)

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