bold. beautiful. brave.

​When you ​start moving from surviving to thriving, you’re taking your power back. You’re saying ​you deserve more. You’re giving a clear message to the universe that the past is in the past and the future is yours to create. Just. As. You. Want. It.

For passionate entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in the world and enjoy themselves while they do it. No arriving at the finish line wondering how you gave up too much of yourself on the way. Or why success doesn’t taste as sweet as you thought it would. It only works if all of you comes along for the ride.

​This laser focused coaching program ​helps you step forward powerfully on one project, ​one campaign, or one action that would move your business forward the most. Just one. In six weeks, you won’t be standing here anymore—you’ll be in a whole new place.

Most entrepreneurs have a million things going. At the same time. With only 24 hours, that means you spend a lot of time on very little. The one thing that could move your business forward the most sits at the edge while you chase down a thousand other things.

What if you took charge, carved out some space and put your focus on one main thing for six week? Could you make some massive progress on that one thing that might change your business? The answer is loud and clear: HECK YES!

Surviving is important. Thriving is elegant.
– Maya Angelou

​This is how we'll do it...

— Fill in your Get Ready, Take Off form ​—

Session 1: ​Find the ​​Way ​Forward
Follow Up Action Plan: Steps to act on

Session 2 & 3: Face Your Fears
Follow Up Action Plan: Steps to act on

Session ​4: Wrap It Up
Moving Forward Plan: Steps to wrap it all up

—  Fill in your Review & Do It Again form —

​​then you'll have the formula to keep and use over and over...watch out, ​being powerful in your business can be addictive

​YES, I WANT TO ​BE bold, ​beautiful and brave

​Let's get this party started then. This program is for passionate entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in the world and enjoy themselves while they do it.​ It's time to step forward powerfully and increase your impact. ​But you have to be ready to move fast and take bold, ​brave steps in your business. No whiners, complainers or naysayers allowed. If you're ready, let's have a quick chat and see if this program is right for you. ​C'mon, you know you want to. And why not? You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.


​​If you are serious about growing your business, let's have a conversation about just how. ​The question is "how long are you going to wait ​to grow into who you are meant to be?" Your gifts and talents are meant ​to serve others, so ​don't waste another second. I take very few one-on-one clients each year, so ​apply ​here if you think we are a fit.

​​Getting new clients in the door, finishing up ​a big project, redoing your messaging or website, starting that new program​...​the list goes on and on. ​With so many things to focus on, ​it's no wonder you're not sure where to start. Let me support you in creating clarity, taking bold steps and removing anything that's in the way of you moving forward. Today is your day.

What's your investment?

Let's face it, your main investment is action. You'll have to take steps to make this work. Start with setting up a quick call with me. If it's a fit, you'll have some action steps to take to make it work. If you take the actions, your investment will pay off. In six to eight weeks, you'll be somewhere totally new. My clients make life changing actions in their business all the time—learn how you can, too. You'll invest with your mind but also with your heart. It takes all of you in sync to move forward easily. You'll also drop some things behind, like your fears and doubts. Don't you think ​it's time to ​invest in yourself?  I do.

One payment of: $​​1000 or ​​3 payments of $​​​3​50

Marketing doesn’t have to feel sleazy or forced. It can be graceful and joyful. It can feel easy, natural, and alignment with your highest self.


​Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe." – ​Oprah Winfrey




Marketing can trigger feelings of perfectionism, paralysis, fear, and overwhelm. This is especially true if you've experienced trauma, stress, or abuse in your past.  A simple website update triggers ​hidden fears of being seen. Hiring ​support means revisiting old trust issues. Moving forward powerfully causes you to trip. ​However, the beautiful thing? Your past challenges have made you stronger, more resilient, and perfectly positioned to take your business to the next level.  And that my dear, is the real ending to your story. As it turns out—me, too, was only the beginning.

​toward what really matters

​If you ​are ready to move fast and take bold, ​brave steps in your business, then let me know. ​We'll have a quick call to determine if this program is right for you, and get you going down a powerful path.