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Find the flow visualization

Start your workday or working on your marketing by shifting from the small you to being part of the larger flow. This visualization can support you in accessing this flow. LISTEN TO IT HERE

Share your brilliance workbook

Given that it’s our confidence in our work that actually sells it, it's crucial to step into owning the outcomes of the work we do if we want to serve more people. There are ways to own the brilliance of our work that are honest, genuine, and honor our desire to truly support others. Use this workbook as a way to get real about yours. 

Build your biz staircase worksheet

No matter where you start, you must break down your big dream into steps you need to take each year, and then, break each of these into goals you need to meet within that year. Use this sheet to do so in one handy place.   DOWNLOAD IT HERE

Play for results worksheet

Use this sheet to break down a project into goals/objectives and outcomes and begin experimenting to see how you might meet these with less stress and more success.  DOWNLOAD IT HERE

What your biz wants visualization

Your marketing plan should name where your business wants to go in terms of visibility. Your job is finding the resources—money, people, and opportunities—for it to have that level of visibility. Here's a visualization to help you hear just what level of visibility your business would like to have.  LISTEN TO IT HERE

Your resources list

Here’s a list of categories to review on the amount of resources in your life. Put a check mark in two places—whether you have it or don’t, and then whether it has to come from you or you can outsource it to another person. DOWNLOAD IT HERE

One page marketing plan

Marketing plans don't have to be long to be effective. Here's a one page plan marketing planning sheet so you can keep your current plan handy and refer to it often.   DOWNLOAD IT HERE

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