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Own it from the inside out

Own it from the inside outSometimes we know we’re great, sometimes we don’t believe it. How to truly integrate what makes you special in your work?1) Make a list of accomplishments within your business. Include anything that comes to mind such as a client’s growth, an invitation to present or any way that someone recognizes you. […]

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Do you know your worth?

There is a lot of confusion in marketing about worth and value, especially for solopreneurs whose service is themselves, or whose products are created by them. Since pricing is a function of marketing, let’s take a look at this. Do you know your worth? How about your value? Although necessary to know for your product or […]

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Marketing can be done quickly?!

 Reduce, reuse & recycle We can take a tip from the sustainability movement here and make our own schedules more sustainable. As I shared last time, creating content can be made a little easier. Here we look at creating it more quickly. Reduce: the amount of topics you cover in the marketing you create. We may do […]

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Checking the Well of My Inspiration

Today I thought I should do a little check-in. I was slated to explore my Calling—the third of the North Star components that Lance Secretan discusses in his book, The Spark, the Flame, and the Torch—in this week’s blog and I did spend my time working through the tool to understand what it might be. […]

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