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  • How marketing, when done well, can be a profound act of service
  • The four traits of authentic marketing—and what authentic marketing is NOT
  • What THOR, the Norse god has to do with authenticity
  • How to do authentic marketing in your business and what gets in the way (so you can move it out!!!)
  • Reflection exercises to help you create an authentic approach for your business

Meet the author Linda Basso

Linda Basso is a marketing coach that supports purpose driven entrepreneurs in the notion that to grow your business, you must grow yourself. Before coaching, Linda worked on dozens of brands and hundreds of marketing campaigns for companies such as Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, Jamba Juice, Xerox, and many small businesses. She is a recipient of a silver ADDY award for her brand work and has helped clients land placements in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Time, and the front cover of Wired Magazine. She now supports entrepreneurs to grow their business, increase their revenue and deepen their contribution by guiding them to find their authentic voice & path in marketing.

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