​​​Need a marketing guide​? ​I'm here for you. 

​​Sure, you​'re aware that you have to ​figure out the marketing game in order for your business to grow. But here's the thing—marketing isn't your business.​ It's not what you were trained in, not what your sweet spot is, and maybe not ​even how you like to spend your time. So what's a girl to do?!?

​Marketing mentorship is for ​small business owners who ​are passionate about what they do and have success in doing it. ​​The visibility you've created so far has served you well. But you are ready to grow beyond what you know. Beyond where you are. Beyond your​ wildest hopes for what could be. If only, gulp, you had the marketing know how to do that. No problem​, it's here.

​This ​4 month coaching program ​​is designed to ​grow your business—and your knowledge of marketing—in a holistic, authentic way that moves you forward, gets the results you want, and feels well, pretty darned good.  

​​This is a fit if you are:

• Purpose driven and passionate about the contribution you can make through your work.
• Clear that you are ready to launch something new, want to grow ​your business,  or ​could use professional guidance on your journey.
• ​In business (this or another one) for more than two years, or are leaving your professional life to ​go on your own.
• Ready to take bold steps forward and act on your own behalf. 

​Grow yourself. Grow your business. 

​What do you get on our 4 month journey​?

Move Yourself Forward Guided Meditation: A guided audio visualization that you can use whenever you need to take action in a way that is grounded and easeful instead of powering through.

Intro Session Deep Dive: This 90-minute session will clarify your vision, goals, priorities and map out where you are going (in person if you’re in Sonoma County, or on a zoom call if you’re not)

Monthly Coaching Calls: Two one hour strategic calls each month to answer all your business questions, determine what’s working and not, help you get unstuck, and give you expert advice on how to implement your plan step-by-step

Extra Support: Up to two 10-minute mini-sessions per month if you need quick strategic help, a pep talk or want to share a win.

Roadmaps and Guides: Guides, templates & samples to make business-building easier (like what to put on your website, vendors you can use, how to prioritize your efforts, how to create your marketing materials, guided visualizations, and whatever else I think will help you!)

Access to me: I’m with you every step of the way, on our calls, in between sessions, and reviewing your work. Your success is my success and you matter to me. You have access to me in between sessions via email and even quick phone calls when you need it. I am here for you.

Website and marketing guidance: Your marketing materials are at the heart of what we create together. We'll decide what pieces would best support where you want to go, decide how you can get them produced at the lowest cost for the q​uality that best serves your business. I'll personally review and comment on every piece you create. This alone is worth thousands of dollars to have a seasoned marketing professional review what you produce. 

Access to my online course: you'll get the entire the Holy Shit, I’m Not Crazy Course so you can learn how stress, trauma or abuse may be impacting your business—and what you can do about it. There's nothing that can slow you down ​after this!

​in the end, you'll have tons of knowledge and will be ready to soar on your own. heck, you might even like marketing a little bit more.

​Y​es, ​be my marketing guide!

​There's only a half an hour between you and getting all the guidance you need to move forward powerfully in your business. Sign-up for a quick discussion between you and me to see just what we can do together.


​If you are serious about growing your business, let's have a conversation about just how. ​The question is "how long are you going to wait ​to grow into who you are meant to be?" Your gifts and talents are meant ​to serve others, so ​don't waste another second. I take very few one-on-one clients each year, so ​apply ​here if you think we are a fit.

​​​Stop going it alone. ​That​ can be lonely and it's certainly no fun. Let me support you in creating clarity, taking bold steps and removing anything that's in the way of you moving forward. Today is your day.

What's your investment?

Let's face it, your main investment is action. You'll have to take steps to make this work. Start with setting up a quick call with me. If it's a fit, ​you'll be on your way to a whole bunch of  good stuff. And if you take ​consistent action, your investment will pay off. ​ ​And, I promise you this—if you are willing to take action and show up fully in these four months—not only will your business change, your life will change. ​You'll also drop some things behind, like ​your doubt and lack of confidence in your marketing skills. ​Consider ​investing in yourself and your business today. You're both totally worth it!

One payment of: ​$2,850 ​ -or-   $750/month pay-as-you-go

​You'll only go as far as you are willing to invest in traveling.

​​TAKE YOUR FIRST STEP toward​ ​your next success

​If you ​are ready to go deep and take bold steps in your business, ​let me know. ​We'll have a quick call to determine if this program is right for you, and get you​ the customized​ marketing support and guidance you ​deserve.