​Yes, ​in 30 short minutes ​you can...

drop​ ​thoughts that marketing is slimey or salesy​​, step into authenticity in your sharing, and ​​love the results you're getting.

ONCE AND FOR ALL ('cuz no girl should work in these conditions!)

​After ​watching this video, you​'ll finally get ​why: 

  • ​​You're often feeling ​that you have to push through resistance ​or distraction to get your marketing done
  • ​​​​You love your business but hate what it takes to get the word out and wish you could find a way that fits your values
  • ​​​You're stuck between needing to do more marketing but always feeling—and saying—"I'm not sure how"​

Grab your training video & find the love!

​If you believe that you have the talents and gifts to help others, but ​don't always love getting the word out, you​ want this training!

Here's what ​you'll ​learn:
  • ​Why marketing is not one size fits all  Tired of hearing that if you just follow this or that system, you'll finally succeed? That's because it's just not true and now you'll know why.
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    ​Why pushing through ​ONLY gets "ok" results ​ Sure, we CAN push through what feels uncomfortable in our marketing and get it done but not only does it not feel that great, it doesn't work as well as it seems.   
  • ​Why you may not be getting results even though you're taking action ​​You're showing up and taking massive steps to do your marketing but not getting the results you want.​ There's a little know reason why "try harder" doesn't always work.
  • ​​Why changing your reluctance isn't as hard as you think ​Sure, you've tried other things. Some work a little, and some plain ole' don't. Why should you keep trying? It has to do with both brain science and grace my friend. Learn wny change is within your grasp. 

Yes, you can step into ​marketing that you love but only if you take action 

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Meet your guide

Hi, nice to meet you! I'm Linda Basso, an author, speaker and teacher who supports purpose driven entrepreneurs to grow their business by growing themselves.

For 23 years ​I was in the visual design and marketing industry, where ​I created brands and campaigns for companies like Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, Jamba Juice, Disney, Coldwell Banker, Xerox, and many small businesses.​

​My degrees are in graphic arts and leadership and ​I'm a certified coach. ​My book The Reluctant Marketer was published in November 2018. ​I live happily ​in ​Sonoma County with ​my husband and two children.  

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