Calling all the had-enough-hype solopreneurs, visibility challenged visionaries, and totally-over-pushy-kinds-of-marketing entrepreneurs


You're seconds away from the essential training, advice, and support you need to grow your business with marketing that you love to do

If this sounds familiar

  • ​You know you need to ​get the word out about your services but you often have push through resist​ance or distraction to get your marketing done
  • ​You'd give anything to have a marketing fairy appear to do your marketing for you, or better yet, just have clients show up at your door with no effort on your part
  • ​You're holding yourself back somewhere in your business because you have doubt, dread or the "I'm not sure how" feelings come up

Then you know how overwhelming marketing can feel and how hard it is to find a way to market that actually works for you. 


I'm tired of hearing from amazing small business owners like you feeling overwhelmed and fed up with the business of marketing, thanks to:
  • ​​Hyped up marketing programs by 7 figure business gurus who promise you the same results if you just ​do it exactly the same way they did…
  • ​Thousands of search results for how to’s and tutorials on what to do in your marketing that don’t consider your unique situation​...
  • ​​Overpriced consultants and courses that don’t end up working because they don’t address your reluctance to implement the pieces...

Now you can let all that go...

Introducing the Reluctant Marker Wisdom Academy

The only marketing training ​that addresses and solves the root of ​icky, overly hyped marketing and how you can do it differently.

It's marketing that fixes our relationship with marketing!

​It’s packed with ​practical training, coaching, and resources on all aspects of ​marketing​ ​and getting visible.

PLUS ​it has the community support you need to ​activate you to your full potential.

The Reluctant Marketer Wisdom Academy will help you:

Change your relationship with marketing from one of distaste or reluctance to total love so you can ​enjoy spreading the word so you can share your gifts.

​​Make marketing a profound act of service that makes the world a better place—not fills it with hype—so you call in the perfect type of client.

​Learn practical techniques and marketing approaches that are as unique as you are so they fit your business, your lifestyle, and your values.

How this Wisdom Academy is different

​Access to expertise

​​You can rely on my 20+ year experience ​of running my own small business, serving hundreds of clients to build lasting brands that bring in exactly the clients they are looking for in ways they love.

​​​Practice what ​I preach

I'll be in the group most every day to answer your questions​ and share what I'm learning on my own journey to be ​authentic in my marketing ​and have a successful purpose driven business. 

​​​​No hype or just do it

​​I never recommend hype, marketing tricks or ​following shiny objects. Just straight-​forward, ​tried and true​ practical advice with a side of spiritual tools. No ​BS, no gimmecks, ​and no 'get rich quick scams.

Meet your guide

Hi, nice to meet you! I'm Linda Basso, an author, speaker and teacher who supports purpose driven entrepreneurs to grow their business by growing themselves.

For 23 years I was in the visual design and marketing industry, where I created brands and campaigns for companies like Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, Jamba Juice, Disney, Coldwell Banker, Xerox, and many small businesses. I received a Silver ADDY award for my brand work and have helped my clients win many awards, along with placements in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, TIME Magazine, and the front cover of WIRED magazine.

My degrees are in graphic arts and leadership and I'm a certified coach. My book The Reluctant Marketer was published in November 2018. I live happily in Sonoma County with my husband and two children.  

​You can do it​ but only if you take action 

Here's what ​you'll get:
  • Private FB mastermind group to ​get real time feedback on actual marketing projects you’re doing. Pop in with that nagging question "how do I...?" or give me the url to a web page you're updating or a pdf of that flyer, and I'll give you input on what to keep and what to change. It's like having your own marketing consultant on speed dial!
  • check
    Monthly group Q&A call you can join the call live or submit your question via email or FB before the call. A recording is provided with the questions named and time stamped so you can go right to the info you want to get. Q&A calls happen every ​first Thursday of the month at 9am PT.
  • Monthly ​meditative healing ​circle on this 60 minute group call, we'll name ​our resistance, do the healing work​ of ritual & meditation to let go of what's not serving us and call in new energy​ to move us forward. Calls happen every ​​third Tuesday of the month at ​12pm PT.
  • Weekly trainings and visualizations available to watch a​t your convenience ​with how to's in marketing, teachings that will help you shift your reluctance, and exercises to help you ​move forward in your marketing with ease. 
  • ​Special pricing and discounts​  ​on classes, workshops, and coaching sessions that are offered outside the group. I'll always offer my members first dibs on anything new coming out that supports you in growing your business. 
  • ​PDF chapters of the book​  to read ​at your own pace from The Reluctant Marketer: Spiritual Tools to Change Your Mind and Grow Your Business

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