1.1 How to get the best from this community

Lesson 1 Module 1

​Bookmark this link so you can easily find the courses:

You can join the FB mastermind at:

The FB mastermind group is where you can ask ANY marketing question you have as they come up day or night. Or questions on the material in the teaching modules. Or post marketing material you are working on for review. Pop up the url for your landing page, or your pdf flyer or anything that you want realtime professional marketing support on. I’m in there every day so take advantage of this awesome support.

Also, share your journey in the FB group so you can grow yourself and grow your business. When we are brave enough to share what’s happening for us, it removes the shame and doubt we carry when we think we are the only ones.

Or use the FB group to support the other community members on their journey. The more you contribute, the more you will feel that you belong. Together, we can activate all of us to feel more confident in our marketing.

So please take a moment to introduce yourself in the FB mastermind group and let’s get this party started!