1.1 How you are designed to market

Lesson 2 Module 2

We are all so unique! This is a big reason that what works in one person's marketing won't work for another person. In this short video lesson, we'll look at ​why your personality, preferences and stage of life will impact the types of marketing you do.

Because in the end, being authentic in your marketing comes from being your real self and making choices from that place.

​Questions to consider:

  • ​Are you an introvert or extrovert? Can you see how that makes you like/dislike certain marketing activities? Can you swap out some of the activities that you dislike with other ones that you may like more?

  • Are there other factors of your personality that should be factored in to how you make marketing decisions?

  • Do you have preferences that should way in to how you set up your business? Like maybe you are not a morning person so you don't want to see clients before 11am or maybe your energy is higher during a certain part of the day so you want to schedule in creative or demanding tasks at that time?

  • What stage of life are you in? Should that influence what kind of marketing you do? In what ways?