1.3 Step outside your comfort zone

Lesson 4 Module 2

​Marketing is really a state of mind. It is a willingness to connect with other people around an exchange of money for goods/services. ​Purpose driven entrepreneurs typically can do that easily if it's for someone else (like another company or a colleague) but have difficulty when it comes to their own businesses! 

Partially this  is because​ connecting with others can bring up unresolved issues or vulnerabilities that we have.

These can include: 

  • facing possible rejection
  • ​stirring up fears that ​we aren't good enough
  • bringing up trust​ issues we have with other people
  • wondering how our lives will change if we ​succeed
  • provoking our unresolved issues around money

Think about the last time you felt upset when you were working on a marketing activity, or had to head out to do something in the public eye to move your business ahead, or had to do follow up or sales calls.

Did one of these above issues come up for you?

Take a moment to journal about this. ​ During the coming weeks, continue tracking whether these issues keep coming up for you. These are the issues to bring to our monthly healing call and/or to ask about in our Q&A calls.