1.4 Quiet Your Mind

Lesson 5 Module 2

When you try to take in new information or produce your business materials from the distracted place of your own thoughts, you are vastly limiting their impact. This is because you are pulling on a small amount of energy, namely yourself.

When you tune into the larger flow of energy available in the universe, you are instead channeling divine inspiration that seeks to find a connection in the world. Ironically, this is exactly what you are trying to do with your marketing. ​

I encourage you to start your marketing work by shifting from the small you to being part of the larger flow.

Here’s a​ quick 5 minute audio that will help to quiet your mind. ​Use this anytime you need to quiet your mind:

  • to take in new information
  • create ease and flow in your next activity
  • ​before working on your marketing