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a group experience for the soulful business person who craves larger visibility so they can make a difference—and wants to feel authentic and comfortable while doing it. 


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1.1 How to get the best from this community

Welcome! Use this quick overview to get the best results from your time in this community.

1.1 How you are designed to market

Your marketing should be informed by your unique design. Your personality, preferences and stage of life matter a lot in the determining what will work—and not work—in your marketing.

1.2 Your Human Design

Marketing is not a one size fits all kind of thing! That's because we are each so uniquely designed. Dive in and learn your unique design so you can make good decisions about how to do your marketing.

1.3 Step outside your comfort zone

Learning and doing new things in our marketing can be downright uncomfortable. Learn why here—and take your first step to stopping it. 

1.4 Quiet Your Mind

Use this simple 5 minute tool anytime you need to take in new information or want to calm down a nervous mind. 

1.5 Identify Your Purpose

Knowing your purpose can help you feel at ease in your own power. Knowing what you are here to do and owning it makes all the difference.

2.1 Finding Your Why

Your why is the deeper reason that you are in your business. Finding it can keep you going when times are tough, can inform some of your messaging efforts, and even help you find the right clients!

2.2 What do you really sell?

Knowing this one thing can give you guidance on all of your marketing messages.

2.3 Authentic Marketing Messages

Jump in and learn an authentic path to writing your marketing messages in your own voice and in your own way. Yes, you can feel good and get all the attention you need, too. 

2.4 What the Heck Do I Put on My Website?

Here's just what you should have on your site (& even what kind of site you should have!)

3.1 Marketing as a Profound Act of Service

Want to feel good about marketing as "part" of your work instead of feeling like it's taking away from your work? Listen in and learn how. 

3.2 Know Your Worth

Do you know your business worth? Or how to price things appropriately?

3.3 Moving Forward with Ease

A quick visualization to use when you want to move things forward in your business.

3.4 Feeling Good, Not Stressed

Feeling stressed doesn't lead to good marketing outcomes. Here's a tool you can use to increase your good feelings so you can be more effective in your marketing.

5.1 Your Marketing Strategy

You simply must have a strategy in order for your marketing get the results you want. Learn the formula for your marketing strategy here.

5.2 What Your Biz Wants

A quick visualization that lets you speak directly to your business and get it's input.

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Reluctant Marketer: Spiritual Wisdom to Change Your Mind & Grow Your Business