​Your place on the Authentic Marketer Path:


You've got your messaging down and the right packaging for your service, products, or new business but you are not getting seen by the people who can use them. In this step you must choose from among the many different ways there are to get visible and choose ways of being seen that feel good and are totally you.

To find your unique approach to getting seen, you have to stop using other people's systems and tune into knowing yourself. Your personality, preferences and stage of life matter here more than how some 7 figure expert figured out how to do it. You must develop a strong, accurate style of decision making and use it to choose from all the marketing choices to do only the top 4-5 that actually get you results.

Stop trying to do it all and take the time to assess what's worked for you in the past, what best practices are recommended for you to do now, and which feel like the right next step for you to try.  


​Check your in-box for your personalized report so you can ​take steps to get seen in ways that let you totally be yourself and still get the results you want. Your report will have more info on how you can​ be seen ​by more people and exercises that will help you do it with ease. You can totally ​rock this!!!