Human Design for Your Biz

Yahoo, here are some resource materials for your Messaging Accelerator journey

First: watch this intro video

Introduction to Human Design

Duration: 8 mins

Learn how can you use Human Design in your business and how to read your chart at a basic level.

Then be sure to watch one video for your type and and one for your authority below.

Don't go down the rabbit hole of watching all the types. This is not the time to learn about the system of Human Design as a whole but rather to focus on learning YOUR type much more deeply and learn to live as your type every single day. 

Watch the video that matches your TYPE:


Duration: 9 mins

Manifesting Generators

Duration: 4 mins


Duration: 6 mins


Duration: 5 mins

Watch the video that matches your AUTHORITY:

Sacral Authority

Duration: 5 mins

Emotional Authority

Duration: 7 mins

Splenic Authority

Duration: 5 mins

coming soon

Self Authority

Duration: 6 mins

Now hop on over to your Accelerator doc...

Do any reading of the information supplied there and fill in your reflections. Have great fun!!

Curated Articles

This carefully selected group of articles can support your journey while keeping your time commitment at a minimum. Enjoy!

Fear Gates

Duration: 5 min read


Duration: 3 min read

Affirmations by Type

Duration: 2 min read

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