Learn how Human Design helps you build a business that fits the real YOU

​This free training can will teach you ​how to navigate your ​business efforts with more ease. ​Learn ​simple concepts ​from the Human Design system​ to ​market your​self in ways that feel authentic, serve your clients more deeply, and​ create a business customized to who you ​are designed to be.

​​What's the problem?

​​Running your own business ​​can take a lot of effort. ​Update your website, answer that client question, fix the tech glitch in your contract, write that new proposal, prepare for your upcoming meeting, hand-off that material to your virtual assistant...geez, it's not even 9am!​!! ​We are supposed to get it all done in our day-to-day AND step back ​to think strategically AND be our graceful, charming selves while doing it. ​​​So we try to logic it out, looking for ways to be MORE productive, MORE organized and MORE strategic. Makes sense on some level but guess what?

​That's exactly the wrong approach for ​91% of us.

​​The solution comes from taking a different approach

​Human Design teaches us a body centered approach that looks at​ how we are uniquely designed rather than a ​one-size-fits-all, think it through, and just DO IT one. It's about finding your authentic nature and using it to create success on your terms, in your way. ​

“​The journey of life is about discovering the true you and courageously creating a life that is in alignment with your authentic self”

– Karen Curry, Human Design Author & Teacher

​​Human Design can teach you the 3 skills necessary ​for an authentic, thriving business


​Trustworthy & reliable decision​s, every time

​​Good decisions that get good results are what move a business forward. ​​​It's also crucial to prioritize what to do next so you can get ​things done with the least effort. Having a reliable process for making every decision, big or small, ​gives you peace of mind (imagine NEVER regretting a decision again!), helps you get things done, and keeps your business humming forward.


​​Successfully interact with others

​Never wonder again how you should walk into an event or room full of people and make good connections because you'll know. You'll also get insights for how to best work with others be they vendors, assistants, partners, or colleagues. ​A successful business is based on successful relationships with others. Learn how to create these in your business.


​Get new clients when you need them

​The million dollar question for every business is how to bring in new work. Learn how your current approach may be blocking new clients from finding you and what you can do differently to be sure that every time you need more work, you ​know what to do to bring it in. 


​November ​20 —  ​12-1pm P​T/3-4pm ET

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Your presenter

​​Hi, I'm Linda Basso. I've been using Human Design in my own business and for all of my coaching clients for almost 5 years now and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I'm so excited to show you how to put it to work for you and your business. What's my background? Well, for over 18 years ​​I created brands and campaigns for Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, Jamba Juice, Disney, and many small businesses. ​I won a silver ADDY award for ​my brand work and ​have helped clients land placements in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Time, and the front cover of Wired Magazine. ​Now I support entrepreneurs to grow their business, increase their revenue, and deepen their contribution by guiding them to find their authentic voice & path in their marketing and business. ​My book The ​Authentic Marketer: ​Develop the Mindset You Need to Grow Your Small Business & Love It will be available January 2020.