Yes, your marketing can be an act of service for all

Coaching and classes for purpose-driven entrepreneurs who want more impact

My twenty two years of industry experience is your ticket to a winning marketing strategy.

You know the time has come to make a bigger contribution. You know you have unique ideas and talents that can enhance the lives of others. You also know that you and your business are involved in something greater than yourself. But how do you move from a divine idea to growing a business that thrives? I support entrepreneurs who want to expand their businesses in a graceful, authentic way. I give you the coaching you need to bring your whole self to your business, release limitations and even have fun while doing it. With a focus on creating a strong foundation, I provide insights and tools that will transform your marketing into a profound act of service, connecting you with the very clients who will be well served by the products or services you offer.


The Truth

Discover the true meaning behind the contribution you want to make and discover your real opportunity. We'll find answers that transform your relationship to your business and allow you to embrace the truth of who you are meant to be.

The Plan

Take your truth from pillar one, add your heart’s desire and stir in a good dose of logic. Authentic planning brings your whole self into your business and let’s you design a business structure that fits you perfectly. This is your foundation for being of service to all.

The Message

With a caring coach by your side, you’ll clear internal messages that hold you back from revealing your real self to the world. Together we’ll develop messaging that is guided by the authentic expression of the unique gifts you have to offer.

The Path

Design the pathway that you and your clients will walk through—from the way you nurture new clients to the way you maintain your integrity and joy throughout sales and fulfillment. As your path unfurls, you’ll be pulled forward in ways you can’t even imagine.

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This three-part audio series combines a practical spiritual approach with the business of marketing. You’ll be well supported with each segment in this special audio series: “Knowing Your Value,” “Being of Service” and “Teaching is Good Marketing”

Why is Spiritual Marketing important? 

Linda explains at the Women's Symposium talk...

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What Clients Say...

Kerry I.

Linda's guidance was very valuable on my path to develop a blossoming small business. She helped me get clear on a real action plan and learn what kind of business model truly represents my intentions. Linda is encouraging, knowledgeable and clear; the homework was helpful and connecting with others in the same process was enlightening. I highly recommend her classes!