You feel it. You have this drive. You want to do more. You want to change the world with your work but…you haven’t been able to figure that out.

It's simple: you don't have the right business growth strategies

You need to unlock your revolutionary potential

You’re a change maker, an influencer, a rebel, and a sort of revolutionary. Meaning that you're on a mission to make a difference in the world. You want to coach, heal or guide others to wake up. You have that inner drive, that burning desire to do more, to lead a revolution. Even if it’s a small one. Because things need to change.

You know you were born for more than you’re doing now. You know your here to make a difference. You know a lot about your subject and your ready to put it into action earning you a good living while helping others. But instead, you find yourself spinning your wheels and not making the impact you had hoped to. 

Common blocks keeping you from making an impact...


You feel stuck & silent...or you have so many different things that you don't know what to talk about or how to be congruent in putting it out there.


You don’t feel clear and when you don't have clarity, its hard to take the next step…so you go round & round in “Do I do this? Do I do that?”


You’re a leader in many things...but you need someone to hold your hand & give you support so you don’t feel like you have to do everything yourself.

Linda Basso, Marketing Coach


When I started on my journey as a coach, I was quickly underwater in the overwhelming landscape of marketing advice and the never ending amount of systems that promised they were the ONLY way. It was beyond frustrating.

I was looking for small business growth rooted in authenticity. I needed to find a way that aligned with my values, aka keeping it real, while growing my business rather than it feeling like it came at the expense of who I am. It wasn’t until I was willing to step deeply into my own authentic self, and bring together my business experience with personal growth tools like Human Design, that the pressure eased and I found a new level of grace in growing my business. And so did my clients.

My journey led to slow and steady growth, culminating in a six-figure coaching practice and a book. Then the pandemic hit and I had to take it all on the interwebs because there were no more conferences, no more networking, no more in person events. Now I have a thriving online business that grew from zero to $300k in just ten months. These days I work only three days per week and enjoy traveling with my family. I’m on a mission to help revolutionaries get out of their own way and into the world. 

What if you had a strategy that helped you get clear about your next steps and how that would lead to making your mark? What could you do if you had support that helped you make decisions and implement them with ease?

Intro the Marketing Strategy Accelerator

THIS IS PERFECT FOR YOU IF YOU ARE An influencer, consultant, coach, healer or service-based business owner who is passionately committed to helping your clients achieve success while bettering the world AND YOU...

• Aren’t clear what it’s going to take to get your work into the world

• Really need a clear framework and roadmap to grow your unique business 

• Feel tired of searching for information on your own & need some organization

• Need to feel a little more fire to get over the hump & get some clients signed up

• Can do the visibility but don't know how to put it out there in a way that's congruent

• Are starting to think what you’re offering is not the right thing or that you’re trying to sell it to the wrong people

• Need support & help so that you don't feel like you have to do everything yourself

It’s all about getting a plan together that you can implement on. But it has to be customized to you. That’s why some of those group courses you’ve enrolled in aren’t cutting it…you need advice and support from someone who really gets your particular work.

Who can help you end the guessing game and decide where you want to invest your time and where you don’t. Who not only gives you the strategy but can also give you next level accountability. All in a way that gives you the freedom to do what you like.

Tiffany C. 

Private Health Coach

Linda is AMAZING!! I honestly can't speak highly enough of her. I had a pretty negative experience with someone prior to Linda and was feeling so discouraged, but with her guidance, I was able to get things moving in the right direction and landed a few high ticket clients into my program right away.  I went from $0 revenue after 5 months with my prior coach to hitting my revenue target each month since I started with her. If you are not ready to give up on your business, she is hands down the right choice!

All that you receive in your strategy intensive...


One 60 minute strategy session via Zoom. This face-to-face session will give you the customized feedback and support you've been craving. We’ll go deep and figure out your best way forward. All sessions are recorded for review and added to your private client folder.


Two 30 minute mindset calls to use when you like during our 30 days together. These are great for getting through doubts, freak-outs and action paralysis moments & get moving again. Slay those patterns that are holding you back and learn tools for doing it yourself. 


We get a lot done in your strategy session. I take notes of our work so you can review the main points in your private client folder. You'll receive a clear action plan and next steps for our 30 days together. 


Your strategy session is followed by 30 days of support via Slack, Voxer, Messenger or text (it’s your intensive, you choose!!) I’ll be your “on-call” marketing coach so you can get input on your messaging & copy, business advice, website audits and more so you can implement on your goals in just one month. 


I’ll help you understand the marketing style that plays to your natural strengths. And we’ll do a Human Design report for you that gives you insights on how to better align your business & marketing activities with your innate skills & talents.


My goal is that you can gain clarity on what you want to work on during our time together and I’m up-to-date on what is needed at this stage of your business. You'll receive pre-session questions from me so I’m crystal clear about what you need on our strategy call.

Stop going it alone. That can be lonely and it's certainly no fun. Let me support you in creating clarity, taking bold steps and removing anything that's in the way of you having what you want. 

Work with someone who knows marketing

Laser-focused coaching and unlimited support is perfect for getting one of these projects off your to-do list:

• Updating your brand/your photos/other imagery

• Creating your high-converting website to get more clients

• Claiming your message & figuring out how to share it

• Figuring out your positioning and/or ideal client

• Choosing the business model that fits your lifestyle & personality

• Figuring out your marketing plan & how to get more leads

• Creating your content plan & posting strategy

• Crafting your brand story & powerful about you page

• Creating your signature presentation or video sales letter

• Building a lead magnet & growing your email list

• Creating your sales pitch for easier, more authentic selling

• Improving your sales skills & getting more sales

…and so much more. There’s no end to what you can do with the somebody else holding your hand, standing beside you to figure out how to do it, so you can stop trying to figure it out and just go do it.  


Payment plans available

- Only 3 spots left in 2023 -

Heather C. 

Holistic herbalist nutritionist & Private chef

What I was saying and how I was talking to people, all of that was just not quite in line with where I really needed to be. And so working with you really got me into thinking about what the customer needs to hear what the clients need to hear and how I communicate what I need to effectively because especially when it comes to coaching, you know I'm really in my coach brain and not necessarily in the client's brain. So that was a huge component into how I changed my language. And I've really seen a lot of lift and I'm more comfortable in how I talk to people. That's been a really incredible place to be in...feeling more confident and feeling comfortable that I can help people and having that language. That was amazing!!

Imagine getting one of these done in only a month...

  • Gaining crystal-clear insight into your niche/positioning, ideal client, and message so your foundation is rock solid and you are confident in it
  • Creating your entire funnel, complete with your free offer, funnel emails, upsell and content promotion schedule so you can start growing your list and community
  • Building that website that you are proud of and actually gets interest from potential clients and moves them toward working with you 
  • Developing an actionable but simple marketing plan to boost your visibility and get ongoing content created so you can build that know-like-trust factor which leads to more clients
  • Creating your signature program or course, complete with a step-by-step action plan so you feel supported in what needs to be done to make it happen with ease

…AND SO MUCH MORE!! The possibilities are endless for what you can make happen with this high touch support. 

Jeff S. 

Performance Coach

Working with Linda has been a transformative experience and a total joy. Whatever life throws at my business, she helps me stay focused. With her guidance and incredible notes I'm able to have the type of perspective I've never experienced before, I’m actually able to see the field/forest instead of only the weeds. Working with Linda has helped me grow professionally and personally in ways I never imagined possible!