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Marketing is most effective when you identify your perfect clients & speak straight to their hearts. In this step you want to match up with the right people in a way that feels loving, not exclusionary.

Think about it like this—there is a group of folks that is perfect for you to work with. They really get what you do, how you do it, and make progress when they work with you. But they can only find you if you are speaking the same language as them, yes, literally and figuratively!​

If your ideal client reads your copy and thinks "oh my gosh, she's in my head and knows exactly what I'm dealing with" they will hire you. If they read your messaging and don't feel that it fits them, they pass it by. The best way to create messaging like this is to bravely identify your perfect potential client and then do the research to get to know them so well that you can write especially for them. You'll know when you're getting it right because they'll begin to respond. 

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