​finally, you can go from reluctant to radiant

Does the hype around marketing ​irritate you? Do you dread ​being spammy and salesy to get your business or cause seen and heard? Do you think growing your business means doing things you don’t want to do? It doesn’t have to be this way.

​​​Join this group and fin​d an authentic path through the world of self-promotion​. ​Work through the concepts in the book The Reluctant Marketer: Spiritual Tools to Change Your Mind and Grow Your Business ​where you'll learn to not only like your marketing approach, but get good results. 


​This ​community experience will ​change how you look at marketing, help you grow beyond ​what you only dream of—and have a good time doing it.

​This group is a fit if you are:

• Purpose driven and passionate about the contribution you can make through your work.
• Clear that you ​need guidance on your journey, or feel better when not going it alone.
• Ready to ​drop any reluctance you have around getting visible and step into action for yourself.

​You don’t have to do it all alone. Not only can you access your divine guidance on this journey, you can also join other like-minded entrepreneurs. Believe me that it’s easier when we see that others are on a similar path. Too often​, we feel like the reluctance is only happening to us. I promise you it’s not.

Marketing doesn’t have to feel sleazy or forced. It can be graceful and joyful. It can feel easy, natural, and alignment with your highest self.

​Join our community and receive all of this:

  • Access to ​our private Facebook group where we’ll ​strategize and share ideas ​to create powerful visibility for your message, cause, service or product. ​Private and safe, this is the perfect place to test out ideas and create community.

  • A weekly hour long group session with me​. This group coaching call will be to answer questions and inspire you in your own marketing. On these group coaching calls, you​ can ask specific questions about your business, and get expert advice on how to market yourself with ease.

  • Insider insights at how ​my team is ​doing our ​own marketing. Cool! ​You can use this info to launch and market yourself.

  • A complimentary ecopy of my new book The Reluctant Marketer: Spiritual Wisdom to Change Your Mind and Grow Your Business

  • Free box of goodies!!! Every 3 months, we'll mail you a box with fun tools to support your  marketing journey. Could be an arom​atherapy anti-stress spray, music to do your marketing to, workbooks to move you along, copywriting guides...these are tools handpicked by me to make your marketing easier.

​this is going to be fun!!!

What's your investment?

​join month by month: ​only $​97 (no obligation, cancel anytime!!)

​3 MONTH SPECIAL: ​​oNLY $225​
AND GET A FREE deck of marketing with spirit cards and a signed copy of the book!

​hurry, this offer only good until January 30​​TH



​If you ​are ready to take bold, ​brave steps in your business and become a radiant marketer, then ​click this button. It will set you down a path you've always wanted to walk but were afraid you couldn't. Trust me, you can.

​Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe." – ​Oprah Winfrey