Finally, permission to do it your way


It’s confusing isn’t it? Here you are, pretty happy with your business...and then you notice a longing for a little bit more. Or that something new is bubbling up from within. Or that it's time for that next step forward. Whether you can clearly see what's next or not, you have the sneaking suspicion that it's time for change.

So you go looking for advice and to figure out just how you might do this.

Only there's an overwhelming amount of information.  All the advice and all the promises are just plain ole confusing. How do you sort fiction from fact? How do you know what's going to get you where you need to go? Surely, there's someone that can show you how to do make your change & get more of whatever it is...like clients, or systems, or having more time or ???

Truthfully? You can sort through all that information and still not get an answer. 

The experts say "I’ll show you the way" but it's only after you invest hundreds (or even thousands!) that you find out that they really mean "I’ll show you my ONE way" When that's a fit, it's awesome. But often that's the moment you realize that their one way to go about getting where you want to go isn't something you want to do or doesn't fit your type of clients. 

You see, all the gurus & experts out there can only show you THEIR way of getting there.

I believe there is a different way. That finding clarity on where you want to go and how you want to get there comes first. I say, let’s figure out where your headed and a way of bringing that about that's a fit for you and your clients...and THEN find the right expert to teach you to do the thing.

My approach will support you in finding your authentic self within your business. Not only in the outer—leaving you feeling like a fraud on the inside—nor on only the inner—pushing off your success until you’re finally confident. I'll help you be YOU and experience success on YOUR terms.

Yes, authenticity is your answer

Now, if you work for yourself I know that your boss can be a little, well, insane. But instead of swimming around in these questions that will actually make you certifiable...you know like "I'm not sure if I should..." "I'm not sure how..." "I'm not sure if it's ok to..." "I'm not sure whether to..."

Instead, ask this one: what's true for you?

This one little question can lead you to many of the answers that you need. In fact, I've built my business around this idea—that when entrepreneurs embrace who they really are, everything they want becomes easier to get. That's why my process, The Authenticity Mindset® was developed. It's the thing that can make running your small business easier in three crucial ways: 

#1 – Making decisions is easier

There's no more wondering if you should do this or that when you have a reliable way of making decisions that get you good results. Good news: we each have a way of making decisions that uniquely fits us. For some of us, it's trusting our gut. For others, it's listening to our feelings. For a few, it's a sudden knowing. Figuring out which you are and adding in your knowledge of your personality, preferences and stage of life round it out and then you have your own unique formula for making decisions with more ease, that get you to where you want to go, with less regrets or do overs. Of course, figuring this out can take some effort on your part, and you may need guidance to get there, but once you have your authentic formula dialed in it's yours to use over and over. 

#2 – Setting boundaries is no problem

Authenticity comes when you start to really know yourself and are honest about your real preferences (you know, all those quirky things that make you really you!) and combine that with self-acceptance. Yep, being authentic means that you are going to find some things about yourself that you don't really like. But like them or not, they are true for you. This level of authenticity makes it easy to set boundaries because you know what works for you and what doesn't. Even if it's unpopular. Even when it's not what the other person wants. Even though "they" (whoever that is!) might judge you for it. You know where you begin and end, which means you know where your boundary or edge is. And once you know that it's ever so much easier to communicate and protect that with others. Awesome!!  

#3 – Enjoy peace of mind

Coming into authenticity, or becoming aligned as I like to say, is from getting to know yourself better and accepting what you find when you do. Does that mean you can't make positive changes if you find you have habits or behaviors you don't love? Not at all. But it does mean accepting those parts of you that are core, like whether you are in introvert or an extrovert, and the quirks/preferences/passions that make you uniquely you. It also means dumping all the old stories, limiting beliefs, doubt, imposter syndrome and whatever else you are dragging around with you because these keep you from accessing your authentic self. When you do that two wonderful things happen: 1) you free up all that energy you were using to deny who you really are in favor of being who you "think" you should be and 2) you experience true peace of  mind, the kind that lets you feel pretty darn good most of the time. Whew!!

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