​Marketing made meaningful


You’ve worked on yourself endlessly. Meditation, ​therapy, yoga, readings, prayers—and more—have helped you over the big stuff. Life feels easy and aligned in many moments. Yet, when working on your marketing that feeling goes away and taking the next right action feels hard.

You look down at your to-do list: Facebook Live. Pitch new client. Rewrite copy.... Maybe tomorrow. Or right after more yoga. Sure, that's it, after some more personal or spiritual growth, you'll be ready to do all of this. Or on second thought, maybe never. 

​This disconnect doesn't have to exist—and you don't have to leave your spiritual tools at the door.  

You're ready to take your income, marketing, clients, and yourself to the next level. You can taste what is possible for you, but you need a bridge to get there. I can help you not only ​see the ​connection, but chart the path across it. On the other side is marketing that feels graceful and easy. 

​With over 22 years of industry experience, ​plus a lifetime of spiritual practice, I share insights, tools, and ​practices that will transform your marketing to into an effective, easy, and graceful process that gets serious results.

I serve purpose driven ​entrepreneurs from all walks. And I'm all about empowering every one of you, from those with a few limiting beliefs to full on survivorpreneurs with proven marketing strategies and spiritual tools to grow ​your business by overcoming unconscious imprints of past trauma, stress, or abuse. Not only will I help you overcome any inner blocks, I'll help you create and implement a marketing strategy that's tailored to your personality and your unique business.

your marketing will align with your highest self and how she shows up in the world.

You will feel seen, comfortable, and most importantly—confident in your visibility. Resistance falls away—you're going with the grain rather than against it.

Your business can be much more than you imagine. You just need the right support to get you there. I provide an approach to marketing that works on several levels. As your consultant, I ensure your marketing activities for your business are in alignment with your core values and where you want to end up. As your coach, I offer the insight that leads you to the true heart of your business. As your guide, I lead you through a joyful growth journey to build your business faster and with more confidence.

It's not about waiting for the creative flow to show up—it's about commanding it. Are you ready?

​No more hiding, doubting, hoping, wishing, that your marketing will fall into place. Divine timing strikes when you start the clock.

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