We received your responses on the Business Growth Accelerator and have what we need to get started on your market research. Yahoo!! 

Way to go getting that filled in and hope it didn’t stress you too much. Believe me when I say it will be totally worth it.

What’s next?

Our team will spend the next week doing your market research and writing our part of your copy for your website. If I have any questions or need your input, we’ll reach out.

What should you do during this time?

1) Please add any photos you have that we can use for your website into the photo folder of our shared folder for my team to review. We will share the folder to your email address. Please send me an email or text when the photos are uploaded. 

This is a folder you can use to hold any materials you create during our work together, especially ones you’d like us to edit. We’ll add things here as we move along also.

2) Watch these trainings in Module 1: How to create high converting website, let’s write your website together, and designing your offer. Think about and take notes on how these trainings will inform your about me page and the kind of offer you will create for your clients.

3) Get going on your part of your website as described in writing your website together.

4) Take two minutes to fill out this assessment on your marketing style: https://forms.gle/EP3JgzswfWJzHZ14A

5) Be patient. In this first part of our work together, our team is busy “doing it for you” so just dream about growing your business and what you’d like create while we work our magic. There will be plenty for you to do in the next couple of weeks. :)

Jot down any questions you have so we can cover them in our sessions. Or if it seems pressing, feel free to send us your question via email in between sessions.

Once you’ve finished up the lessons in the Getting Started module, book your first appointment with Karen Renee and she’ll get you energetically aligned for our work together.  You can book your appointment by clicking here.

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