Operation Love Share lends a helping hand to small business owners whose ability to earn money has been impacted by the ​Coronavirus pandemic. Imagine it happening from one day to the next: when people stopped gathering many vibrant business owners suddenly lost their ability to earn money.

Think of artists whose art shows were suddenly cancelled, musicians with no ​concerts to give, daycare owners who suddenly had no children, massage therapists, healers, flower shops, restaurants and other shop owners with no customers. There are a lot of these folks!!

Yes, some of these businesses can move themselves online but let's be honest. Setting up an online business takes a lot of work and isn't usually profitable right away. Not to mention that many of these business owners lack the technology and marketing skills needed to run a successful online business. And some of the businesses just can't go online. 

Many of these business owners are scrambling to make ends meet, so until folks can gather again or they find a permanent new way to earn, they could use a helping hand. 

Operation Love Share is my small way of trying to bridge that gap by creating a ​situation in which small business owners who do have the means are pitching in to help our colleagues who got caught in this pandemic. ​Together we can do this!

​Here's what I'm doing: my online coaching program the Authentic Marketer Wisdom Academy only opens for new members at certain times. One of those times was on March 12th...yes, just as the Coronavirus was shutting ​everything down!! ​Gulp.

After taking a minute to reorient, I realized that ​this online coaching program is perfectly suited to help entrepreneurs in figuring out their next steps within their business, especially when there's a lot of questions about just how to do that. ​

So I changed the set-up of my program so that half of the money that comes in goes to entrepreneurs who are struggling to earn income because of the virus or other major life changes. ​Hopefully this creates a win-win-win situation in this difficult time: giving ​some small biz owners the support they need, while supporting other small biz owners who could use a helping hand until they get back on their feet, and allowing all of us (me, included!) to share our gifts in the world.

Let’s create more business like this and get through the current crisis together.


  1. If you know of a small biz owner who needs to be supported in this way, please have them apply ​using the link below. Every two weeks we'll rotate our support to a new biz person whose earning ability has been impacted by the Coronavirus. Half of all income created during that period will go to the sponsored business (for as many months as those folks are part of the Academy). In this way, we hope to create a swell of support for many businesses.
  2. If you are an entrepreneur who could use some guidance around doing marketing that feel genuine and good while bringing in the exact right kind of clients​ ​in these changing times, please check out the academy at the button below for yourself. Half of your money will go to the supported business for as long as you are a member.
  3. If you have the means​ and love this idea​ but don't need marketing support, consider donating below. 100% of the donated proceeds go directly to the supported business owners.
  4. Share this far and wide with folks you believe it would be a fit for. We need a lot of energy and love to spread around support for enough businesses to make a difference.


​Until April 8th, half of the monthly fees for the Authentic Marketer Wisdom Academy are going to Janet and her business, Visible Transitions. Janet is a lively, committed entrepreneur whose been serving her clients and her community in Sonoma County in big ways. Living in vibrant health for years, Janet began experienced life-threatening hives and fell twice in mid-January, causing a major concussion that has completely prevented her from working since then. Her community rallied around her to bring food, to do administrative tasks like applying for various forms of aid, and help her with fundraising. But with the coronavirus hitting, nearly all of her support is unable to visit and support her. Janet is recovering but still needs our help. Says Janet: "This is a great way to get support for your business and support me in my healing journey as it requires no ongoing effort on my part. For me, it could be months of truly passive income while I come back to my full self and begin serving clients again."

How do you choose who to sponsor?

​We are looking to sponsor purpose driven small business owners who make a difference in their communities and whose business earing capacity is impacted by the Coronovirus or other major life circumstance. We review each application personally and choose small businesses that we believe will do well within this partnership. 

Why not just enroll them in your academy?

Any sponsored business will have free access to the Wisdom Academy if they'd like it. However, the Wisdom Academy is best for businesses that are currently operating. We can't help market a business that is closed (though we can brainstorm other ways they can earn right now!) We are hoping that people not gathering is NOT a permanent condition and that many of these businesses will reopen in a couple of months. Operation love share is to help them stay afloat until that time.  

How can l get involved?

​Many people are still employed and working or have other financial means to sustain them during this time. If that's you, consider supporting a business with a direct donation or share this information with others who could also help. If you have other ideas, reach out to me and share them.

Where do donations go?

​100% of the direct donations (minus any paypal transfer fees) go to the currently sponsored small business owner. If we have multiple sponsored businesses, you can note which business to apply the donation to or it will be split equally among the businesses.