Cindy J.

Linda showed me how marketing can be enjoyable, easy and not at all scary. I discovered the many different choices I have to reach people who need my service. I learned that I can use my authentic cadence and take pride in the way I want to share my work in the world. I came away with action steps that make marketing all about providing something important vs. outdated notions of 'selling' something.

Margaret S.

I was struck by the spirit of permission Linda brings to the activity of 'marketing.' I no longer feel stuck trying to sift through all the way we can refer to our businesses. I have permission to act on the many moods my work conjures when I work with others and no longer feel I have to have rigid consistency, which frees my energy to move forward. Thanks Linda!

Kerry I.

Linda's guidance was very valuable on my path to develop a blossoming small business. She helped me get clear on a real action plan and learn what kind of business model truly represents my intentions. Linda is encouraging, knowledgeable and clear; the homework was helpful and connecting with others in the same process was enlightening. I highly recommend her classes! 

 Heather H.

Linda Basso is one of my more treasured 'go-tos' for heartfelt, no bullshit coaching...she is professional, intuitive and sassy...check her out!

Pat S.

You always make me think about things a new way. Best of all you give me permission to think beyond what I know and then lead me to do marketing a better way, which I love. I so appreciate that!

Jeff S.

Working with Linda has been a transformative experience and a total joy. Whatever life throws at my business, she helps me stay focused. With her guidance and incredible notes I'm able to have the type of perspective I've never experienced before, I’m actually able to see the field/forest instead of only the weeds. Working with Linda has helped me grow professionally and personally in ways i never imagined possible!