Grow your business with spirit

Your business can be much more than you imagine. You just need determination, hope and the right support to get you there. With 22 years experience in the industry, I provide an approach to marketing that works on several levels. As your consultant, I ensure your marketing activities for your business are in alignment with your core values and where you want to end up. As your coach, I offer the insight that leads you to the true heart of your business. As your guide, I lead you through a process called Marketing with Grace — a joyful journey to build your business faster and with more confidence.

Surviving is important.
Thriving is elegant.

- Maya Angelou


If you want to build a business with the strength to support you over time, you need to build a business with its own supports. I call these supports your pillars of strength. Four pillars—one in each corner—work together to create a very solid structure.

When the first goes up, you can see potential. The second one starts to hold a roof, albeit a little wobbly and less than secure. The third creates stability. The fourth is the finishing piece that makes a true structure possible. Together they offer an amazing amount of support for a variety of business structures designed to fit you.

The Truth

As an entrepreneur, it’s natural to put your focus on what you are offering and how you can sell it. Since this outward focus is not informed by the deeper meaning behind what you are doing, it can lead to a surface marketing approach that doesn’t inspire potential clients to take action. Owning your truth fuels deep connective messaging. Living this truth drives a successful business.

When you dive into the real opportunity open to your business, it will pull you forward. You won’t have to strain to make it happen. Once you can voice what you really sell and marry that with what the market desires, you create truly powerful products and services. These are easier to market because they are authentic to your desire to contribute. It makes your marketing more fulfilling because you are offering something that others really want to receive.

The Plan

Planning using only logic can feel awfully tedious. It can also be ineffective. Instead, take your truth from pillar one, add to it your heart’s desire and then round it out with logic, and you’ve got a powerful plan infused with all of you.

Authentic planning brings your whole self into your business. It creates clarity on your objectives, financial goals, resources and market trends so you know where to head. It creates deep self reliance as well as identifies your business’ outside resources, providing a solid foundation that you and your business can rest on.

It also feels good to implement. Every day you get to embrace what’s alive for you in the moment rather than push yourself into a structure that wasn’t designed to fit you. You’ll learn to appreciate your efforts and your outcomes instead of only your results. That’s a plan for success!

The Message

We have all heard about messaging to our ideal clients but it's deeper— you want to attract the people you have resonance with. Resonance is that quality of affecting each other in ways that are sustaining, rich and mutually beneficial.

The first part of messaging is identifying your audience. The second part is about being unique. Because you are one of a kind, your benefits and the way you communicate them will be different too. This will not only help you stand out from the crowd, but it will help your people find you.

Revealing your real self to your audience can range from uncomfortable to downright scary. That’s why many entrepreneurs hold back and end up with ineffective messaging. When you clear out the beliefs that hide the real you, it frees up your creativity and joy to sell the way you were meant to.

The Path

The fourth pillar is where the path unfurls. We design the pathway that your clients will walk through your business. Yes, it’s the offers, sales conversations, and follow-ups you enact to attract, sell and retain your clients. But it's also the experience you create for them. This is the path of service.

But your clients are not the only ones who need a clear path. Within your business, you need a pathway you can follow — a roadmap that reveals how to be yourself, be connective with others and keep true to your brand while you do it.

In developing this final pillar, you’ll learn to keep courageously sitting in your truth. You’ll find your own style for responding to what comes your way. You’ll dance with the world from within your business and see just how easeful and fulfilling growing your business can be.​


But first, let's talk about you and your business. We can spend a few minutes speaking together to see if you and your business are ready to grow to the next level. If you want to understand how your business can benefit from the Marketing with Grace coaching program, schedule time with me by clicking this button and making a phone appointment. I look forward to speaking with you!