Finally, a book that talks about why most of us don't like the way marketing typically happens and shows us a different ​path. ​No, marketing doesn't have to leave you feeling spammy, salesy, or too hyped up. ​And no, you don't have to do things you don't want to in order to grow your business.

Yes, getting the word out is a must. But you'll have more success when you bring your whole, divine self to the business of marketing. Go beyond your weekly yoga class or hit-n-miss meditation practice. Start looking at all of your workday through the lens of spirituality. And experience the bliss that follows.

​Marketing—when done well—is a profound act of service.

The Reluctant Marketer is a guide and toolkit to bring more ease and grace to your visibility efforts. It’s full of channeled wisdom, spiritual insights, and practical marketing advice so you can:

  • Create and step into the highest vision for your mission or business.

  • Move through your marketing activities with confidence and ease.

  • Stop seeing marketing as an endless to-do list​ & make it a path for being fulfilled.

  • Find the  permission to bring your whole self to your visibility efforts.

  • Drop any reluctance you ​have and ​​get moving.

​Your livelihood should support, not punish you. 

​5 types of people who should read this​:

  • ​​Those on a mission to make change in the world and need big visibility to do so. You know, like purpose driven entrepreneurs & those who market or create messages for nonprofits, churches, schools or community groups.

  • Small business owners who are reluctant to market themselves in some area of their business.​

  • Coaches & consultants whose clients procrastinate on their marketing, or don’t love it when they do get around to it.​

  • Anyone who hates marketing hype & instead wishes for a world where there was only authentic, easeful marketing. ​

  • Anyone curious about the power of bringing spirituality into your business. 


About the Author

​Author, speaker, and coach, Linda supports purpose-driven entrepreneurs to grow their businesses by growing themselves. Her 25-year marketing career has included Kimpton Hotels, Jamba Juice, and Disney, helping her clients win awards and get featured in The Wall Street Journal and TIME Magazine, as well as on the front cover of  WIRED magazine.

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