coaching for small business growth 

Time to stop doing ALL the things that are draining you, don't fit you, or are taking you away from the business & life you want to create. Time to start figuring out who you truly are and how you're meant to serve. If you feel the drive of wanting to do more but think that the issue is with yourself, or you have shiny object syndrome when it comes to picking a strategy or just get stuck trying to figure out what you’re doing, where you’re going, and what you want to do...


I help changemakers, coaches, healers, rebels, influencers & purpose-driven small business owners drop their limitations, step into their real selves & use their innate strengths to build their brand & find marketing they love to do...all so they can create aligned business growth to share their gifts & make a difference in our world.

big impact, small investment

Dive into these powerful programs and dial in exactly what parts of Human Design to use in your business...to generate undeniable brand swagger & streamlined marketing mojo in mere weeks...without second-guessing your genius, drowning in details, or selling out your soul.

Here's an authentic approach to marketing for changemakers, coaches, healers, rebels, influencers & purpose-driven small business owners to figure out how to do less marketing, that feels good to do AND gets clients.

customized coaching, epic transformations

marketing accelerator


You’re a leader in many things...but you need someone to hold your hand & give you support so you don’t feel like you have to do everything yourself. Because when you don’t feel clear and when you don't have clarity, its hard to take the next step. I got ya girlfriend! Time to stop feeling stuck and get your next project out the door. 

done for you


Ever wish you had a marketing team that not only gave you the insights and the how tos...but actually stepped in and set up your marketing materials? Our team can do just that! We work with existing business owners who need their materials redone and highly motivated k!ck-ass beginners who want it done the right way before they launch...so you can focus on what you came here to do.

Life changing work

Working with you literally changed my life. Everything is different now, I mean everything. Whatever it cost, it was a total deal. I got a lot more than I thought I was getting—branding and marketing, plus dealing with this issue that's been with me my whole life. I wouldn't be here where I am if it wasn't for our work together. Thank you, thank you!


linda basso


For 20 years Linda created brands and campaigns for Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, Jamba Juice, Disney, and many small businesses. She is a recipient of silver ADDY award for her brand work and has helped clients land placements in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Time magazine, and the front cover of Wired. She now supports entrepreneurs to embrace genuine self-expression in their brand & marketing strategies, building bridges to their ideal clients, so they can make the difference that only they can make. She is the author of The Authentic Marketer: The Real Girl’s Guide to Know Your Worth, Get More Clients & Grow a Business that Genuinely Fits Your Lifestyle.

Marketing doesn’t have to feel sleazy or forced. It can be graceful and joyful. It can feel easy, natural, and alignment with your highest self.