Speaking can grow your business

​Presentations, networking events, getting introduced to new people, follow up calls to potential clients, FB or Instagram live videos, giving talks or workshops...there are so many ways we are asked to speak in our businesses! Who knew?!?

​Do it well, and you will prosper. Stammer​ or stutter​ with discomfort, and well, ​things kind of stall. Or push through ​what's uncomfortable to find a mask you can communicate through and you just end​ feeling fake.  What to do??

​3 out of 4 people ​suffer from speech anxiety. And this applies equally to men and women. I don't mean fear of standing on stage, I mean plain old scared ​to start the conversation​.  

​Follow my missions below and you'll become more comfortable speaking in your business. 

​​This is a fit if you are:

• Purpose driven and passionate about the contribution you can make through your work.
• Clear that ​some form of speaking would support your business growth (doesn't mean you want to be on stage, it cou​ld be as simple as ​sharing what you do with ease when you meet someone new!)
• Ready to take bold steps forward and act on your own behalf so you can serve more people. 

mission #1

Where are you now?  How can you really improve something if you don't know where you are right now???

​I'm not asking for your email address and I'm not adding you to any list. This form gets sent anonymously to us so we can answer your speaking questions in the best way. No spam, no hype.

​Did you get a clue to get you moving?  ​Sometimes we get an aha just from taking a moment to write it out. If you know the limiting belief that's holding you back, ask yourself "is this really true? or did I just pick this up along the way and it's time to let it go?" If you are willing to let it go, imagine sending it up into the light of the sky or source and see it disappearing. Be willing to be in this first step...and see what happens next!

mission #​2

​Check back tomorrow!  ​I'll have a video about knowing what in the heck to speak about. 

​​keep checking back and you'll get the skills you need to be more easeful in talking about your biz. heck, you might even start to like​ it.

​​​​You can learn new skills, and new ways of looking at things that change where you are headed. Just because you d​on't like speaking ​does not mean that you can't learn how to have more ease and grace with it.

What's your investment?

Let's face it, your main investment is action. You'll have to take steps to make this work. ​

​ABSOLUTELY FREE. It's my gift to you. Enjoy!