My family and I were visiting Germany this summer and there were swans in the parks. One happened to swim by with three babies.
As my daughter relayed a very cute version of the ugly duckling story and how the baby swan felt terrible in its duck family, I had an aha.
Spoiler: If you’ve ever seen a baby swan, you know it looks nothing like the graceful adult it’s going to become. 

Not only could a baby swan feel ugly and in the wrong place with a family of ducks like the ole’ story goes, but even if it was with other swans—it might not feel so hot when comparing itself in it’s younger state to the gorgeous adults around it.

Can you relate to this in your marketing?

Do you ever look at someone else’s awesome email, or amazing website, or perfect photo and think “Gosh, I’ll never be there.”
Or that you are miles and miles behind where you should be?
I have and it feels bad.
Plus, it totally makes it hard to keep going. I mean running a business is hard enough, am I right? Adding this to it tosses on the proverbial last straw. 

Here’s the secret that gets me going again. First, I have to accept who and where I am—along with at the exact stage I’m at. Second, I need to let any icky feelings about my real position arise. Then something amazing happens.

The bad feelings start to shift a little. I find a little more energy. I stop comparing myself and start looking at what I can do to move forward.
And lo and behold, I do move forward. Each day that I do creates more success in my business. Add these up over time and it's big progress.
Like having a full client list. Like getting to spend last month in Europe. Like publishing my second book.
I only achieve these kinds of things because I am willing to grow through my awkward, ugly stages and head toward being beautifully, fully me in a business that fits me—instead of one I’m trying to fit into.
You can have a biz that totally fits you, too.  
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