What makes Linda Basso unique?

When you choose a marketing coach, you deserve more than a business professional who gives you a set of tools and a schedule for using them. You deserve a trusted advisor who understands your desire to participate in a business world where we bring our whole selves to our businesses to make a more profound contribution. You deserve a coach who can inspire you to bring the divine into your own services or products. You deserve a seasoned marketing pro who can help you create the kind of resonance in your messaging that attracts the clients you want.


Combining my business life with my spiritual life is one of my greatest achievements. Finally, I feel integrated and whole in my work day and out. As an entrepreneur, marketing is different than for larger businesses. Without the deep resources of larger companies we have to be smarter, more resourceful and responsive to an ever changing landscape. The easiest way to do this is to market with grace! Learn this practical spiritual approach and make the business of your marketing more effective and fun. I hope you'll join me in this life and business changing program. 

Combining spirit and realism for a business you’ll love

As a spiritual marketing coach, I offer an easygoing, insightful and pragmatic approach that comes from 20 years of consulting for entrepreneurs like you. Together, we identify your big WHY, your real purpose for being in business in the first place, and the real opportunities before you. We work from a place of fullness, integrating your unique talents and personality to create a plan that will grow your business as big as you want it to be.

Supporting you in making the connection

Marketing is really about making connections—connections between you, your business and other people. As a coach I work with you to understand what a big difference this concept can make and use it to your advantage. Once you see how simple it is to do business this way, it’ll be easy to leverage your existing strengths and personality—or your business’s brand—making marketing more natural, effective, and even fun! The end result? Success!

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