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Marketing that fits.

Want to grow your business but still have it be in alignment with everything else that’s going on in your life? Want to expand your reach and drop the struggle to get clarity on who you are in your business or where you’re going to? Want to sit down and really come up with a plan for your marketing instead of continuing to think about it, dwell on it, and dream about it?

You can.

In the Authentic Marketer, author Linda Basso shows you a path to find the parts of marketing that work for you and to leave the rest. Yes, you can get visible in an authentic way to grow your business—and keep living on your own terms.

Dive in & see...

How to do marketing that feels real instead of “supposed to” or all over the board (so you can stop seeing it as a TON of work or seeing what other people are doing with none of it resonating for you)

How to stop being so hung up with trying to figure things out and know the worth of being YOU to bring in clients (and finally drop mindset issues like getting stuck in the belief that there is a right way to do it, not finding the time and courage to be visible, or fears that growth will bring unwanted change)

How to create a marketing plan that gives you the confidence to do whatever it is you need to do to grow your business (without having to compromise your lifestyle so that you can still love your life)

What they're saying...

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Exactly what I've been looking for...

If you have trouble with feeling 'slimy' about marketing or promoting your business, you need to read this book. Linda helps shift your perspective from thinking of marketing as a 'chore that just doesn't feel right' to a 'pathway for you to fulfill your life's purpose.' She offers tools and questions to help you along the way. It's a quick and enjoyable read that will be extremely relatable to thousands of purpose-driven entrepreneurs. I have no doubt you and your business with benefit from reading and applying these 'marketing with spirit' concepts Linda so clearly outlines in this book.

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A Breath of Fresh Air in the World of Marketing!

The author's perspective on marketing, that it is a profound act of service, is a breath of fresh air. Reading this book allowed me to stop resisting marketing, and even certain aspects of my business. Her writing style made me feel right at home, and that it is not only safe to bring my whole, authentic self to my marketing, it is essential. This book allowed me to change my mindset and it also gave me practical tools and strategies for marketing my business. I know that I will refer back to this book often and I highly recommend it!

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A fresh approach to marketing

This book is totally reframing how I'm thinking about marketing my private therapy practice. Marketing as an act of service? Tuning into my intuition through marketing? Marketing as a (gasp!) aspect of my spirituality? Yes, yes and yes. These are new ideas for me but they make so much sense. I've been putting some of the tools into practice and I feel much more relaxed and authentic as I work on my website copy. I'm also really appreciating the author's warm and supportive tone--it really feels like I have her as a coach in my corner!

Meet the author Linda Basso

Linda Basso is a marketing coach that supports purpose driven entrepreneurs in the notion that to grow your business, you must grow yourself. Before coaching, Linda worked on dozens of brands and hundreds of marketing campaigns for companies such as Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, Jamba Juice, Xerox, and many small businesses. She is a recipient of a silver ADDY award for her brand work and has helped clients land placements in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Time, and the front cover of Wired Magazine. She now supports entrepreneurs to grow their business, increase their revenue and deepen their contribution by guiding them to find their authentic voice & path in marketing.

Who The Authentic Marketer Real Girl's Guide is for:

The real girl who wants to have it all—a thriving business and personal life without compromising her true self, feeling like a sellout, or acting like a wannabe
The coach, freelancer or creative who is tired of running feast or famine in their business and wants a clear pathway to get more clients
The solopreneur who wonders why all the marketing advice from Fast Company isn’t working (hint: it’s because you need a totally different approach, specific to your one person business needs)
The real estate agent or other self marketing professional who wants to finally sit down and create a plan, ditch overly salesy tactics, AND feel like they are truly being of service
The purpose-driven consultant who has been marketing their stuff for years, but wonders if they are missing a deeper level of sharing their authentic self
The creative business owner who wants to stop trying to “figure it out” on their own and is ready to start making bank in an honest, uplifting way
The multi-passion solopreneur, healer or spiritual entrepreneur who wants to expand their reach to more people, even if their work doesn't neatly fit into any one box
The mamapreneur who wants the confidence to do whatever it takes to grow her business and still be alignment with her values, so her kids have an awesome role model

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what are the bonuses?

Buy the physical book (or tablet version if you prefer) and you'll receive your book along with: the worry box physically mailed to you and over $40 worth of email bonuses for just the price of the book: $15.99 softcover/$9.99 kindle/nook version. Just enter your receipt information here after purchasing the book.

BONUS #1: A physical worry box...a worry box is a place where you write down things that are in your way, bothering you, or causing you worry, doubt or fear so that you get it out of your head, onto paper and give the universe a chance to step in to solve it (rather than you going round and round in your head about it) It includes an inspiring message for you, colorful blank note sheets inside and a small pen all packaged up in a cute metal tin and mailed to you.

BONUS #2: The Authentic Marketer Guide to Grow Your Business Workbook...this handy workbook takes you step-by-step through business growth that is unique to you and your actual business. We say one-size-does-not-fit-all when it comes to creating a biz that fits you and your lifestyle.

BONUS #3: Move Your Biz Ahead Audios...this set of audio visualizations can be used anytime you need a boost to move along in your business in the best way—authentically! It includes Your Marketing Strategy, How to Move Forward with Ease & What Your Biz Wants audio tracks.

how is your this book different than the last book?

The Authentic Marketer is actually a rewrite of my first book, The Reluctant Marketer. But rather than focus on the problem some have of not liking to market, it instead looks at how all of our marketing efforts are stronger and easier when we bring our full selves to our businesses. It has four new chapters and is reworked to focus on authenticity rather than reluctance. Because why keep focusing on the issue when we can solve it instead?!

How do I claim my bonus once I’ve ordered?

Once you’ve ordered, simply click here and follow the three-step instructions. You’ll need a valid email address and your receipt number. Once you submit your information, you’ll receive a confirmation email, and your bonus will be mailed to you as soon as it’s available.

Can I buy the book from any store and still get the bonus?

Yep, you can purchase The Authentic Marketer from any retailer, either online or in person. Just be sure and save your receipt as you’ll need the receipt number to claim your bonus.

Do I qualify for the bonus if I purchase the ebook/tablet version?

Heck yes! Just order and then follow the directions here to follow the instructions to submit your receipt and claim your bonus.

When will I receive my bonus, and how will it arrive?

Your worry box bonus will arrive in the mail about 7-10 days after you order your book. If you opt for the audios instead, you’ll receive those as soon as we verify your purchase (usually within 24 hours).

I’m not in the U.S. Can I still receive the bonus?

Yay, how cool that you live outside the US! You can definitely buy and receive the book, however, we are not setup to send our worry box bonus internationally yet, unless you want to pay separately for shipping. If that's the case, email us here with your international address and we'll get you setup. Either way, you will still receive a link to a set of audio visualizations that are delivered digitally to your email address as soon as we verify your book purchase (usually within 24 hours), so you can use them right away. These audios are: Your Marketing Strategy, How to Move Forward with Ease, & What Your Biz Wants and each can be used to move along in your business in the best way—authentically!

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